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Thursday, June 01, 2006

10 Days to go...

Here is the itinerary for the 2006 Operation Central America Trip-
June 11 Depart from Wooddale Church – Parking Lot 5
Depart from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport flight number: CO 1017
Arrive in Houston flight number: CO 453
Arrive in Guatemala City
Spend Night in Guatemala City
June 12 Travel to Campur, Guatemala
June 13 Ministry in Campur
June 14 Ministry in Campur
June 15 Travel to Siguatepeque, Honduras
June 16 Ministry in Siguatepeque
June 17 Ministry in Siguatepeque
June 18 Travel to Copan, Honduras for R & R
June 19 R & R in Copan- the link to the hotel is here.
June 20 Travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala for overnight stay
June 21 Travel to Huehuetenango, Guatemala
June 22 Ministry in Huehuetenango
June 23 Ministry in Huehuetenango
June 24 Travel to Antigua, Guatemala for Shopping and R & R
June 25 Travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala
Depart from Guatemala City International Airport flight number: CO 459
Arrive in Houston flight number: CO 616
Arrive in Minneapolis.
To check on what has happend on the trip and hear from students feel free to check the hotline at (952)944-6696 ext. 2356.


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