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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What a start!

Today was our first day of ministry to see if the last 5 months of training really paid off!
It did!
God did some powerful things!

The service team stayed at the church and prepared part of the church parking lot for repairs.  They will pour the cement tomorrow!  They also painted a few walls outside and part of the fellowship hall. Some of the students went to dump some old supplies and trash at the city dump site.  When one of the large dump trucks dumped its trash, one hundred people rushed towards the pile to find food and valuable merchandise.  Our student’s hearts were broken. 

Our sports and drama team had their first clinic at Las Acacias.  Jon Shirley gave a message and preached the gospel!  Max shared his faith story and the team performed the drama twice.

The children’s team did two presentations in an area called Rio Negro.  All the students had a great first experience.  They spent time not only performing but playing with the kids at the school!

The mime team also performed twice.  They performed at Santa Elena Barillas high school with 400 students.  190 of them made some kind of decision or rededication for Christ!

I spent the day with the medical team! We went to Obrajuelo near Santa Elena and set up the clinic in a small little church.  It was hot and crowded.  They saw over 100 patients. Not bad for the first day!  Josh, Alexis, and Chris shared the Gospel in Spanish at our prayer and teaching station while the patients waited for their medicine from the pharmacy.  Four people prayed to receive Christ for the first time with them! Praise God!   Elisa really stepped up and translated the whole day with one of our nurses!  Maddie and Emma rocked the pharmacy.  Annie, Cam, Anna and Christ spent the whole day doing intake!  Sophie, Haylee and Bridget assisted the nurses as they treated patients.  Josh, Alexis and I spent most of our time praying with people and sharing the purpose and reason for our coming.

It was a powerful day!
As far as I know, no one is sick!  Keep praying.

Keep praying for God to change hearts and lives.



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