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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OCA 2007 - Day One

Hey All, this is Krista!

We made it safely.. even though there were some doubts. It has been a blast so far. The bus ride today was BEAUTIFUL!!! The kids are incredible!!! J Mom and Dad, I love you. Ashley.. Mrs. Clause survived the trip. And Amanda, Kelly, and I will be wedging tonight in honor of you. I don’t have much else to say for now..


Hey this is Amanda and Christa!

We had the longest plane ride and bus ride of our lives and didn’t get sick, but being here in Campur is completely worth it. The kids are so cute and are currently standing behind us watching us type as we speak. Its raining but its completely acceptable. To the Crownies…pj your blonde. Flynner watch out for the pickles. Jon there’s clowns. Kelli we’re still gonna go through with the plan. I pretty much love you guys and miss you a ton. My family I love you and will see you in 2 weeks!
Stina I loved the eels poem and I love you mom and dad and louie, and c-mo.

Love always,
Amanda and Christa

Hey mom and dad! its lindsay
Just wanted to say how much I love you and miss you! Things here are a bit crazy but fun! Hope things are going well! We met really cute kids!! Love you!

P.S. keep looking for Bentley

Hey mom and dad its Allie!
We are having so much fun! The kids are adorable and we had a super fun bus ride on the mountains, the part we weren’t sleeping. The views were gorgeous! We have played tons of games with the kids and its so fun using the Spanish I know! Love you!

Dear family! It’s Kelly I just wanted to tell you all I love you and I am having a great time!

Hey mom, dad and friends! It’s Taylor!
We drove on the bus all day today it was crazy! I slept for a little bit but I was so hot it was hard to stay asleep! We arrived in Campur tonight and man am I out of my comfort zone! I tried some interesting food tonight it was interesting to say the least! Well hopefully I will get some sleep tonight but who knows! I love you all and am thinking about you tons!
Love Taylor!

Hey Family and friends its Ashley!
I just wanted to let you know that I am loving it here the kids are adorable! The bus ride was well interesting, crazy to say the least! Well I have to skidaddle right now so yeah but I will blog later I love you all and miss you a ton! See ya in 2 weeks!

Hey Mom and Dad, its Christina!
Today was really tiring, but fun at the same time! The van was really crazy and at some points scary…when we got to Campur all the kids came running up and we were immediately surrounded by the people. I’ve gotta go get ready for the mime though! I’m performing tonight.
Love You! Christina

Hello all!
Campur! Yess! We have mosquitoes this year unfortunately, but hey we are all safe so far! Well we arrived in Guatemala without a hitch. We arrived into Campur at about 5 or 530 and just played with everybody. It was fun, I saw the 4 kids that were in my favorite picture of last year. I also was able to go back to the house I helped build last year. I went with a translator and talked to the person that we built the house for. He has been doing a lot of updates on it, there is a little more to do on the roof, but he has added another part to his house and separated part of it. It was awesome to be able to see how much it has come and how happy he was. It already made my trip! Have fun at grandma’s Kristin and dad have fun at work! I MISS JOHN HANN, AMY POWELL, SCOTT JENNEN, T-BIRD, AND MEGAN DOTEN. Oh yeah, we can’t for get about Carleigh (remember I before e, except after Leith and Carleigh!).
Love all of you!
Greg Krech

Stein, Daniel and Nathaniel,
We are actually in Guatemala! It is AMAZING! Right now we are in a rainforest town. There are many little kids that love to play with you. The drive to this town took about 6 hours! That’s like going to school, except staying in a bus the whole time. The roads to the village went up a mountain. It was pretty scary at some points, because the edge of the mountain rode up just alongside the car and turned into a 30 ft. high cliff. I was wondering if you guys would possibly want a slingshot or hacky sack as a souvenir from Guatemala? If so write a reply to this blog entry and I’ll be able to read your reply. I can’t wait to see you guys when I get back.
P.S. I’d take the slingshot. They look a lot cooler.
Until Later,

The mime team has their first presentation tonight in Campur. They are learning the next sketch “Goal” as we try to put the 30 min. presentation together. I’ve been told that we have five presentations scheduled for San Marcos with three or four happening here in
Campur. Pray for the team as they engage this culture visually with the Gospel in Mime. Pray that the Lord will use what they do to draw people to Himself. It is a pleasure working with this team who are willing to extend themselves in order to share their faith.


Chris Erickson

Hello Mom and Dad. I finally made it to Guatemala and it is so beautiful. Mom it’s your favorite word “beautiful”. I’m having so much fun being here and the people here are really nice. Our mime team is learning the whole 30 minute skit. We learned “Goal” so far and we will continue to learn more. Please pray for our safety and health.

Love Always,
Andreya Reiter

Hey mom and dad and tate!
It’s cole we finally made it it’s awesome except for the demon robot in the woods and the children of the corn that hide and watch. There is also the mariachi band that played 20 minute songs with no rhyme, reason or tune. Love you!

Hey Mum And Dad And Michelle And Tre And Kelsey!
Tis Jeffrey. So the first night was amazing and the city was beautiful in the morning. The Second night I could not sleep due to the devil cricket that sat outside seeking the blood of a sacrifice, we tried to find Pablo to give to him but Pablo ran eluded us and escaped. There is also a closet with a spiky star of david and a demon man that tried to kill Cole and me in our sleep. We ran for our lives!

Hey mom and dad and everyone else reading,
This is Trent Stensrud. Last night was really cool. We went to a church service and played with the kids here for a long time. Last night it was very nice to go to bed because we are all really tired. Apparently there are electrical wires over our heads and if we touch both of them we might get electrocuted. Pretty intense. This morning Adam and I went like a mile up the street to go buy some fireworks for Kelly’s Birthday. We came back and lit them off very early next to their room and yelled happy birthday! Time to go eat some breakfast…

Hi my family and friends­-
This is Mary Krech.
While you are in Minneapolis, watch for the man I saw at the airport. I was making a purchase and a man asked me if I dropped some money. My money was in my purse and I did not think it was mine. I turned around and on the floor was $10. I told him, “I don’t think it is mine,” while I was picking it up. I gave him the money. As I walked out of the store, I said, “Pay it forward…do something for someone else who needs something.”
He promised me he would!
I am so excited to be here at Campur. The drive was spectacular! We are getting set for our first day of clinic. John, Sophie and Amanda are going to begin our in-take, Adam is going to be our runner, Claire and Trent P. are going to work the pharmacy and Andrea and Trent S. are going to get the honor and privilege to hand out tooth brushes and tooth paste, teach people how to care for themselves and pray with them. We have lots of bags to unpack and organize…pray that all goes well. Thanks to everyone who donated and helped us pack all the medications…I can’t wait to see what God is about to do!
My love to all-

Hey Mom, Dad and friends, its Taylor
Wow we have already done so much with these people! The kids here are so loving the whole drive up this mountain the kids would chase after our bus and wave to us with such joy for they know how much we Americans can do for their city! The kids cling to you and just are so excited to be with you! Last night we had a 3 hour church service we presented the mime and we did a puppet show for the kids! We also got to see how they worship God it was amazing! I also had the chance to be the first one to share my testimony I read it in English Josh translated it into Spanish and then their pastor translated it into Ceche! It was amazing I love listening to people speak Spanish! Now we’re off to do some service work I’m excited to see what we will be doing in this community to help better them! I miss being home and I miss all of my friends but I love you all and I’m doing well!
With much love, Taylor

I’m so proud of the way that your children are shining for Christ in Guatemala. We’re off to a great start. So far, everyone is feeling pretty good. Our Children’s Team is off to several schools today, including one where they will have to hike 30 minutes into the mountain to get to it. They will be carrying their heavy bags as they hike this mountain, so please keep them in your prayers. Our medical clinic is being set up for the first time this morning. The first time is always a challenge as the team establishes best practices for running their clinic. Please pray for them as they will see close over 100 patients today. Our mime team is practicing the longer version of their program this morning. They did a great job presenting the Gospel through mime last night. Our service team is working on constructing the Children’s Home today. They are excited about being a part of this important project. We’ll be updating the blog on a regular basis and I can’t wait to see what God does in each student’s life.


  • At 5:51 PM , Anonymous Stephanie Snyder said...

    Hey Kelly why leave a comment that is only a sentence??? You should give us more details! We, your family who love you, wants more details! O Trent thank you for the fireworks for Kelly that was very thought full! Kelly you should leave a longer message for the family. O yeah ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  • At 6:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Jeff,
    It's your sis. Sounds like your having fun. It also sounds like you've met some interesting insect friends. I finished the OC season 2. But season 3 reruns start on tv next tuesday so im happy. Have fun and stay safe. Love ya.

    Your sis,

  • At 7:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Andy Schiemo - Did you make it???It sounds like everyone else did!!!!We hope you are being a good puppet and balloon man for all those cute kids. Cody misses you. Send a blog note to Rachel because it's her 24th birthday on Wed. Say hi to Krista, I can still remember when you two were both in diapers blah-blah-blah. Dwight would be proud of you being in Guacaomole. We are praying many times during the day for the safety of the group and the kids open hearts. Please send us at least a two word sentence so we know you are alive..DAD

    PS: Happy B-Day Kelly!!!!!!!

  • At 7:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Sarah,
    I just learned that a fellow named Greg Kresh has a friend named T-Bird. Super-Cool. LU & God Bless you all.
    Jay Bancroft

  • At 7:36 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

    hey greg and mom i miss you guys so much i can't wait for you guys to get back mon-wed i am at grandmas tuesday ortho then church helping st up for vbs fri at grandpas week later all vbs well yeah i have to go eat miss you tons
    love you

  • At 8:49 PM , Anonymous Andrew Loo said...

    Hey guys, I hope that you all have a blast during the 2 weeks that you're down there, I look forward to reading all of your posts! Unfortunately I'm unable to be down there as a leader like last year but take a lot of pictures so it would be as if I were down doing the lord's work just like each and every one of you are.
    Remember #1 rule, drink lots of water and carry hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE
    -Andrew Loo

  • At 9:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey All,
    We are really enjoying all your posts. Sounds like you're all having too much fun down there. I'm sure I speak for all your parents, we are very proud of you all!!!
    Amanda- check out the coffee down there, you know I love a good dark roast, keep brushing your teeth and smiling. Are there any eligible bachelors you can bring home?
    We couldn't love you more-
    DAD (Mom too)

  • At 9:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    What a blessing it is to see the picture of you giving your testimony! We pray that it will impact the lives of those who heard how God has worked in your life. I loved hearing about your trip thus far and am thrilled that you are doing well. (And, yes, I cried when I read it!) We miss you tons and are praying for you and the team. May God continue to challenge you as you step out of your comfort zone and trust in Him.

    We love you, Taylor and are proud of you! Mom and Marty

    P.S. Hi to Sarah and Jorge!

  • At 9:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am so glad to hear that you are all there safe & sound & having a blast.

    Greg K- LoL! I've been checking up on this just as you told me to. I'm glad you're having a great time and I know that the remainder of this trip will only allow God to work through you all that much more. Take Care! My prayers are still with you...all of you.
    -Sarah [ JL ]

  • At 9:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow is this exciting!
    God is truly at work through each of you kids!
    Keep drinking lots of H2Oand use the hand sanitizer!
    Trent I hope your day went well praying with the people of Campur.It is my prayer that God radiates out through you!
    Good job celebrating Kelly's B-day!
    I'm so greatful you can have this great experience, embrace it for all its worth!

    Mom Stensrud

  • At 10:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chris I called all your friends to tell them that you have a note for them on the blog. Hopefully they will write you back if they know how. I love you and Dad and miss you both but we are doing great!! THe babysitting job went well for Bre today. She said the boys are nice and they were easy to handle. Keep eating that fruit and the cliff bars I sent you. We are praying that you will be able to share Christ with someone personally and that you will get to experience the joy of leading them into a relationship with Him. Love, Mom for all of us

  • At 11:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It was great to hear from everyone. Christa M., we are missing you, but keeping very busy. It sounds like you are too. Corey wants to know if you saw any cool bracelets yet? We are still having fun at the Keeler's house. And no, Gracie has not eaten any sandwiches yet. Maybe because you are not here! We are going through the devotional you got each day. It's nice to follow what you are doing. Creighton loves babysitting your phone, but is disappointed that no one calls him. Callie says hi and she looks forward to you coming home. Are you enjoying your drops? Yum-Yum!
    We love you!
    -Dad and Mom Monson

  • At 8:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey chris!!!
    so how is it in guatemala? things are going well here as we just had our heat wave. how is the weather? and what about the machette (is that how you spell it?) how much? also the slingshot$$$ well i hope you are having fun. and i am praying for you. even though this is posted on day one, it is day 2 there right? well, i hope you have fun.
    your friend Daniel

  • At 8:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey chris!!!
    so how is it in guatemala? things are going well here as we just had our heat wave. how is the weather? and what about the machette (is that how you spell it?) how much? also the slingshot$$$ well i hope you are having fun. and i am praying for you. even though this is posted on day one, it is day 2 there right? well, i hope you have fun.
    your friend Daniel

  • At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chris, Thanks for sharing your video games while you are gone. Dad, thanks for looking for a slingshot. We have gone to a friends house and Tylers and we also are doing fun stuff here at home. We are going to set up the slip and slide today and the dunk seat! Love you Dad and Chris! Zach

  • At 9:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chris, Thank you for sharing your video games with me. I played hero mode. It was really fun. Me and Zach played a 2P battle. When we reach the half way day of your trip, we are going to do sparklers. Love, Jeremy

  • At 10:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Chris,
    I hope you are having a great time in Guatamala. At home my Dad is in D.C. He left around the same time you guys did. Our baseball team is at 500 with six games won and six games lost. I am praying for you. We are having dinner with your family tonight. Your brother has a baseball game tonight at 7.

    P.S. I would love a sling shot. My mother does not want me to have a machete. She thinks it will be too dangerous.(yeah right)

    Chris and Brian,
    Would it be possible for you to buy 25 small gifts(Hackie sacks) from Guatemala for my 7th grade homeroom next year? I will pay for the purchase when you return.

  • At 10:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chris and Brian,
    I understand that you are willing to do a little shopping when you reach the city. If you have the space and are willing to let me pay you when you return, I would like a few gifts for Calvin students and our family. Could you purchase 25 key chains or small gifts for my 7th grade homeroom? Cyndi indicated that you gave many of the boys hackie sacks during the basketball season.
    I am also interested in a nativity set and (black or tan)chess pieces(I have a black(onyx) and tan(fossilized coral)chess board.

    Chris, you will be learning about geology next year. You may want to collect small rock samples, fossils and minerals(jade) from Guatemala.

    We are doing the devotions along with you and pray for you daily.We are thankful that you are spreading the love of Christ to those who do not yet know Him.
    In Christ,
    Susan Koppendrayer


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