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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Greetings from San Marcos

happy fathers day daddy! love you tons. got your guys letter yesterday and was bawling for a good 10 min. not homesick dont worry, just really happy to hear from you guys. sooooo much to tell you all! taking tons of pictures. love you guys! -keely p

Hey guys! Guatemala is awesome and God has been stretching me in ways that I never thought possible. Only 5 more days here! I am going to miss the people and also their love for God. So pumped for another day of service!
-Nathan M

hola family!!! I got your letter yesterday afternoon and it made me cry! I miss you all sooo much and it was so good to hear from you guys. Today in Guat it is Fathers Day, so Happy Fathers Day dad!! I love you so so much and youre the best! I hope you and Nick caught a big walleye in the tournament! I feel so extremely blessed to not have gotten sick at all. However, my camera broke on the second day:( (Berit has me covered though:) I have tons to tell you about all my experiences. I am so happy to be right where God wants me to be and I absolutely love serving Him here. Hope all is well back at home.
love you!!! xoxoxo
Brooke N

Hi everyone!!! Mom, Dad, and Micah, I read your notes yesterday, thanks so much! Miss you guys but Guatemala is great (I promise I'll be on the return flight, even though I really don't want to come back yet...) Happy Father's Day, Dad, I love you so much! Thanks for being the best dad ever! Wish you could be here with me again! Keep us all in your prayers as we finish our last few days of ministry. Love you!
Maria B
P.S. Dad, Alex says hi :)

hola mom, dad, and ally! we received the notes yesterday and i was so happy to get to hear from you! i miss you so much, but the guatemalans are amazing! im enjoying getting to spend time with the kids; they are so welcoming to us and bond right away! the weather in san marcos has been great! even though im so excited to come home and tell you about all my new experiences, i will miss guat so much! keep me and the rest of the rest of the team in your prayers as we finish up our ministry and prepare to return home! love you so much and ill be back soon!
Maddie D

Hi!!!!! I got your letters yesterday Mom, Dad and Abbs!! They made my day! It was so good to hear from all of you! Guatemala is amazing so far! The children's team has been soooo much fun! The kids are all so cute and they absolutely love the show that we do for them! We are in San Marcos right now and it is so pretty! It is up in the mountains and the climate is perfect. I can't believe how fast the trip has gone by. I have been so blessed by my host families and all the kids I have met!
Hope Fathers Day was great Dad! Wish i could've been there to celebrate with you! Miss all of you and thank you for all the prayers!
Ellen W

¡Hola! Happy Fathers day dibby!!!!! I wish I could have been with you yesterday celebrating how awesome you are! I got your guys letter yesterday and it made my day! errrrrr :) Its gorgeous where we are now, it took like an hour to drive up the mountain to get here. Im continually amazed by the people, children, and passion here. I miss you all! hope everything is great back home. love you!! ~ Berit A

¡Hola familia! I got the letters yesterday... I was a wreck when i saw the picture of Stuart because he's so adorable and I can't wait to squeeze him!!! I'm currently sitting in the sun looking at a mountain. So yeah I can't wait to see you all and eat some chipotle when I get home. Hope you're all having a good summer so far. Tell Kyle I liked how he signed his letter with "meowist" adios see you in a few days
p.s. happy fathers day Mark!
Tammi L :)

Hi Mom, Dad, Cole, Blake. Thanks for the letter. I am having a great time and seeing God work here in Guat. I can't wait to tell you all about it. Love you!
-Emily H


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