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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More student observations

Hey guys! Guatemala is gorgeous and God is doing crazy and radical things. Thank you for all of the prayers because lives are being won here in Guatemala and people are coming to know Christ. San Marcos is the sickest place in Guatemala and it stinks we have to leave tomorrow. We will see all of you soon and have really cool stories! Shout out to mom and dad i love you.
-Alex O

Hi mom and dad, I love you!
- Ben A

hey mama and dad and of course my favorite sister ever!!! i am having such an awesome time and i am so excited to see you guys soon! right now we are going to our work site and going to demo it! love you bundles and am so excited to see you! oh and thank you sooo much for the letters mom and dad! ps tay thanks so much for packing those really good smelling dryer sheets...i need them :) see you soon happy late fathers day!
-amalie h

hi mom and dad!
Miss you guys and Emily so much! I'm having an amazing time in Guatemala and I can't wait to tell you all about it! thanks so much for the letters. I almost started crying when I read them:(

Dad, Happy Fathers Day!!!! thanks for being the best Dad I could ask for!

Love you all,
hannah s

Okay hello again family. Just a little side note: If you plan on going grocery shopping before I get back, Nutella and some bread to smear it on would satisfy my chocolate deprivation immensely. Also, you could bring a burrito bowl with chicken, fajitas, cheese, corn, and guacamole to the airport. It closes at ten... Love you all hope you're having a great day. I also hope you're actually reading this blog because if you aren't then this is kind of awkward.
tammi l
p.s. tell my sisters that their letters made me cry and I can't wait to have a sister play date
p.p.s GIVE STUART A HUG FOR ME. I miss him so much you don't even know.

hi mom and dad!!! I miss you guys SO much!! Your letters made me cry and I can't wait to see everyone! Tell Cocoa and Chanel hello for me! Being on the medical team has been really awesome, today during teaching and prayer (which is where we teach the guatamalens basic hygiene and pray for them) I got to witness a 14 year old girl accept Christ into her heart! It's a really amazing experience to see how we impact others and are able to change people's lives forever. Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!! Love you so much and I hope you had an amazing day! Mom, I miss your TLC and daily back scratches so be prepared!:) love you!
p.s.: As tammi said above, I am super chipotle deprived and having a chicken, lettuce, white rice, cheese and guacamole bowl after my long plane ride would be AMAZING. (it closes at 10)
love you guys!!!!!!
-Kara H

Mom & dad ,
Im really loving guat.. I found some really good tea, well ok it was given to everyone at dinner one night and since then we've all kind of gone whacko with it. I might of had 8 cups today.... (I'm pointing this tea addiction at you dad!) the coffee here is super good , you would like it mom it's pretty sweet. Today I got to sit in on a procedure involving the removal of a cyst. Super cool but it broke my heart bc the girl, while she was under meds, could still feel the pain and was crying. I then came out to prayer and teaching and got to see a 14 year old girl accept Christ into her heart. That hit me really hard , it was a really powerful moment, i'll tell you more about it when i get home. Lets just say Oofta my heart.
Loving hard on you both in guatemala.
Say hi to the rest of the fam for me.
Emily B
ps do you want anything from guatemala? we shop on one of last days.I already planned to buy a few specific things.
pps: if its not too much trouble I've been having major cravings for chipotle and chocolate (like you don't even understand). soooo chipotle closes at 10 pm..... my order: chicken burrito, white rice , guac (yes it is extra but essential!... :D ) , lettuce and cheese w/ lemonade or that grapefruit drink. ppps: dad this is not only addressed to mom , if you pick me up please come bearing burrito goodness. pppps: dont forget chocolate! ppppps: I LOVE YOU GUYS (main point of message ... i got off topic... again with the cravings)
pppppps: shout out to keelys mom: med team rocks!

Hola Larry,Jill and Steph,
Missing you lot's and really wish you could be here with me experiencing all that God is doing in and through us all in Guatemala. Hope your fishing trip and Father's Day was great! Thank you for the awesome letter you wrote, brought me to tears in a good way. Praying for you all and hope work is going well and that summer has finally arrived! Looking forward to seeing you in less than 6 days now. Thanks to everyone praying for me and our team!!! God is Good Sabu :)


  • At 12:30 PM , Blogger BaileyJane said...

    To Emily Blomquist: not sure if you see these comments or not but posting just in case. XOXO! Miss you lots!! So glad this is a good experience for you. Can't wait to hear your stories! Proud of my girl. Love, Mom


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