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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Operation Central America - In Their Own Words

June 13-14, 2006

Today on the Children’s team we traveled to three schools around the region of Campur and gave our presentations which included puppet shows, skits, songs, Faith Stories and a clown presentation. Each of the groups we met were unique and different. All the children simply glowed with their own inner lights. When we would first pull up to a school on our chicken bus we’d see dozens of heads poke out of the windows and doors, some of them standing along the steps or doorframes, gazing at us in amazement with their big dark eyes. They’d whisper amongst themselves in Spanish or their local Mayan dialect never taking their eyes off of us. Even once the show started they would still be withdrawn and shy. Once the clowns came out, they suddenly burst from their shells, grins smiling brighter than the sun. During some of the songs we danced with them, which got them excited. You could see something in the eyes of the little girl or boy when you picked them out and held out your hand for them to dance with you. At first they were unsure, but they soon warmed up and tried to follow our every motion in an attempt to learn the motions of the songs. By the time we left each school, they would be hanging on us, begging for pictures and things I couldn’t understand. We’d wave out the bus and they would wave and shout back, sometimes running and jumping on the back of the bus as we pulled away. I have never seen such joy in such an unlikely place. Even though they don’t have much, they have joy which, in my opinion, makes them richer than anyone in America.
~Hannah Hunt

Hey there it’s Matt Decker and Andy Frost! (We’re NIIICE, we know)

We’re checking back in to the U.S. and A. from Campur. At first we weren’t sure how things would work out but now we are for sure never coming home!!! We have killed at least 12 insects, 3 snakes, and a cow so far (besides the 87.6 units of chicken that we slaughtered for supper). Unfortunately, Sarah Bancroft is watching us type this, so I can only tell you PART of the truth. Los Niños and y Niñas (boys and girls) LOVE us, I think we’ll rename one Sammy and bring him home with us. Our beef jerky supply is down to a minimum, after this we’ll have to tap into the granola bar and fruit by the foot collection. Riding atop the chicken bus was the experience of a lifetime. There is absolutely no padding on the seats and our kneecaps are worn down to bare flesh. The little children like taking things from us and calling them gifts, its not as much fun as you’d think it would be having to chase after them for our name brand clothing items. They are cute yet very very sneaky and conniving little munchkins. We watched a raffle today, in which the grand prize was a clock and a camping stovetop. Brian is tired so we must part, but we will leave you with a Chinese proverb.

“He who runs behind car gets exhausted, but he who runs in front of car gets tired”


Greetings from Guatemala! We are having a great time! The Guatemalans traveling with us are very fun and are interacting well with the kids. Parents, speaking of you kids, they are doing fabulous! As predicted, this is an amazing group and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Every one of them is giving of themselves unselfishly to each other and the people here. There are so many amazing stories to be shared! I could give you example after example that would make you proud and bring tears to your eyes! Any of you who had any concerns about your kids can rest assured God is doing great things in their lives! Our health is good and our spirits are better! Please continue to pray for us. We love you! Until next time…. Kerry Fox

Que Pasa Minnesota?! This is Sean and Dave here from the basketball team. So far Campur has been nothing short of amazing. Seconds after getting off the bus the kids starting swarming playing hackey sack, frisbey, and just running around. Yesterday in the morning we helped the service team build a house for a single mom with four kids. The kids are all under 10 and within 5 minutes two of them were already helping us. After lunch we walked down to the court for our first game. The setup was unbelievable. We played a game of basketball in the middle of the rain forest surrounded by mountains on all sides. We started off slow but ended up pulling out a victory by the score of 54-21. But as we learned quickly, the score of the game was unimportant compared to the works of God. During half time after the mimes did their act of the gospel and William evangelized to the hundreds of people watching. We didn’t know all what he was saying but when half the people raised their hands after a question from William we had to ask twice before realizing that those were the people who had just accepted Christ as their savior. This for us on the basketball team was an experience of a life time. Today we are playing another game an hour an a half away and we are excited and hopeful to see how god works this afternoon. So pray for the new Christians in God’s family and for our game this afternoon. Until next time Dave and Sean here to say “Peace be the journey”

PS- BETHANN!! *MUAH!! XOXO!! Hope Minnesota is fun miss u a ton!!! ~Sean

P.P.S.- spread the word that Nolan saw a cockroach and screamed like a little girl and had to cuddle up with Bret for the night…… he denies it… I would too.


  • At 10:23 AM , Anonymous The Millers said...

    Kerry.Thanks for your great update!It is reassuring to hear that the group is doing so well.We love reading the comments from everyone!We continue to pray for the team's safety, health, unity and energy and for the sharing of the gifts that God has given the team with the people of Central America.It does sound,however,that you need to post a guard to be on cockroach patrol.

  • At 2:58 PM , Blogger Jan said...

    "There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, I said to my son, though some days I'm louder about the other stuff so it's easy to miss that."

    Sad to say but the "other stuff" does get quite loud in our lives. I am truly proud of Ryan for going on this trip. Really excited to hear that he has such great peers with him on this journey.

    Thinking about you all and praying for continued good health and safe travels.

    Praising God for our unique hook up! XOXOXO to all. Thanks again for being there even though we miss you.



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