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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day and Report for June 17, 2007

First off Happy Fathers Day to all the dads reading this. BTW this is Tim. Today was amazing, in the morning we met at the church and played with the children at the park near the church. After that, we attended the church service and it was pretty fun, and yet a little weird. Once it was over, we had lunch and went to a park down the street a ways; played with kids and young adults and watched the mime team perform.Yes mom I took pictures. A ton of people ended up accepting Christ. Watching that happen renewed my spirit for the trip, and makes me want to stay here longer. Adios

Happy Fathers Day Daddy. Happy 22nd Birthday Tóny. I miss you all very much. I´m having a great time and I want to stay longer. But I know you want me home. I am a little sick but I´ll survive. Today was fun though, us mimes performed at the church service this morning, and we got to play at the park. Me and this one guy were dancing it was a lot of fun. We performed the mime again at that same park. Hope Jenni and Ryan and JJ are doing okay. Glad you two got a vacation. See you in a week.

Hey family Its Jeff Sorry that i havent written in a while. well the home stays in guatemala were odd but really fun. the father in the family is an architect and the mother can speak fluent english so i dont really have to try to speak spanish. now we are back as a group in guatemala city and tomorrow we are going to san marcos on another really long bus ride. and i saw my grades, sorry mom but math just isnt my thing. say hi to tre kelsey and michelle for me. and happy fathers day dad. right now we are worshiping to ill talk to you all later
Love You All

Hey All,

The mimes are doing great. Today after presenting at a park, many individuals made public professions of faith. Praise the Lord. I saw an older man sit through the presentation, consider the message, bow his head and pray. I saw two young people do the same. When asked to publically indicate if they had made a decision, they did so. God is indeed drawing people here to himself and He is using this team. We literally invaded this park this afternoon and just started having fun. After a period of time, we presented Forgiven by His Love, then a Guatemalan from the church that was hosting us gave his testimony, that was followed by the mime team doing Goal and Finale which was followed by an evangelistic message by William, our El Salvadorian evangelist. The church then distributed literature to each person who made a decision to receive Jesus. Lots of smiles and hugs followed. Rejoicing in Heaven going on folks. Keep praying.

Chris Erickson

Hey there family and friends, its Peter Anderson. I am having such a blast down here. Im sorry that i havent been writing at all on the blog but im having so much fun i dont want to sit calm down. My head is doing fine and the stitches will probably come out around Wednesday, the only downside is that i cant wash my hair with the water down here. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I have had so much fun, from experiencing the worship here and the different church services, to playing with the children and moving over 400 bricks down a muddy slope in Campur for a family. I felt a slight head cold last night but took some Airborne and am doing great. The homestay here in Guatemala City was great and i am looking forward to more wonders at our next destinations. I hope Amy had a great week without me and i know that she will have a blast in Chicago. Happy Fathers Day Dad, i love you so much and would use some exclamation points but i cant figure out punctuation on this computer. I took my first picture today...sorry about that but i heard Brian is going to create a cd with a bunch of pictures so i can use those in my album i guess. I am having a lot of fun with various team members and the translators and i even had the chance to play drums for fun at Jaime´s´church yesterday. I will try to buy some gifts and souveniers these next days. I also wont rush to write again, but know that i am sáfe and having a blast. I love you all so much especially you, mom and dad and amy...bye for now and see you soon.
Love, Peter

Hola madre,padre,familia y amigos.
Yo soy taylor. Before i forget Dad and Marty happy fathers day sorry i couldnt be there hope it was great. Hopefully my mom passed on the word that i had a great home stay in Guatemala city for friday night and saturday night we got there and the house was beautiful. It is a mom dad a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old down syndrome boy he is absolutely adorable.Yesterday the service team cleaned up a park re-cemented an amphnetheatre or however you spell that. Then we went to a youth service at the church at 3 and i loved it. Singing in spanish was amazing and the people are so passionate about worshiping God it was great. Then our host family took us to a máll for dinner and a movie we saw shrek 3 it was so fun. The movie was in english with spanish subtitles it was a really fun experience. This morning we went to church and i brought my host brother the one with down syndrome his guitar that he plays and he was so excited he hug and kissed me on the cheek i almost cried he is too cute. That was my favorite part of today. I have met so many people in Guatemala and i have made 4 new friends here. My host sister Sarah, spoke very good english, we had a blast together and she has my e-mail to keep in touch. Another friend i made was a girl named Pilar shes so funny and speaks pretty good english she has my number and e-mail so we can leep in touch. I had a blast making fun of her english and she had fun making fun of my short tounge and me not being able to say my double r words. Michelle one of the translator is amazing, we talk all the time and joke around we also dish out crap to eachother everyday. Last but not least her sister Gina is hilrious and everyone thinks we look alike but im actually like 4 inches taller than her. We are back at the seminary for the night and im hoping to get a ton of sleep. Tomorow will be a long long day for we have between a 5 and 9 hour drive to San Marcos. Pray for safety for the drive there is some construction areound here. I am having a blast and am definately coming back next year to see the friends i have made this year. I love you all and am thinking about you every day and hour.

With love Taylor

Happy Fathers day to all dads. Especially mine and my brother scott and gpa. Nice to talk to you and mom this am. Things are going well. we ate at a mall food court tonight, yeah for pizza hut. long drive tomorrow and then after 2 more days of service we have r and r...which Im looking forward to. Service team is doing great. They have a ton of energy and make me smile every day. About once a day some of the boys like the Trents, and shiemo and peter anderson find it funny to surround me and dance. Its quite akward but funny. Thats all for now. Im ready for a good night of sleep.
Sarah or suki or my new nickname- Tomb raider...thanks to the trents and schiemo

Happy fathers day dad. sorry, this computer wont let me use the exclamation point. these last couple of days have been really strange, andd my home stay kinda freaked me out. me and andy scheimo met a guy who said that he had the gift of prrophesy, and he prophesied that i would be a great man of god, and lead millions to christ, and that i would have many trials, and tests... etc, yeah wel talk more when i get back. love you. Cole

i was glad i got to talk to you this moring i hope everyones doing awesome. sorry if i cant blog. IT ´GETS´BUSY hahah well love u lové u love u
love lin´z

to claries parents<<<
happy fathers day and mom where are my plastic bags

Hey everyone, Its ´Krista here. i am typing on a spanish keyboard, it is sooooooo weird. ánywho. First of all, I wanted to say happy fathers day. Dad, I hope you remembered that I put your card on the dresser. Today was a fun day. [I cant figure out how to add exclamation points here.. or other punctuátion marks.. otherwise my update would be a lot more energetic] We have had two great days in Guatemala City. Home stays were really fun. I stayed with Sophie and Andreya. We saw a cockroach within the first ten minutes that we were there. hahaha but we killed it. i am still rather paranoid about the bugs and germs. but im slowly getting used to it. we had a great time at the mall tonight for dinner. it was nice to have american food for a change[insert exclamation point here]. i had sabarro, and i split a cinnabon with christa and kelly. it was amaazing. the kids here are amazing. absolutely adorable. yesterday we had a chance to minister in a relatively poor area in guatemala city. some of the kids came from abusive families, and some were even street children. it was so incredible to spread joy to them. i think so far that has been one of the most memorable experiences.

carleigh and megan,
you are great encouragement. [insert many exclamation points here]. it is so awesome to hear from you guys. i love and miss you tons.

my darling debutant... [i told you i would start a blog comment to you like this]. i miss you dearly. i talked to sophie tons last night about how i iwish you were here. i hope you have an incredible time in Costa Rica. i have been praying for you this week, and i will continue to do so. we had a dance party today in the middle of a basketball court before the mime performed, and i definitely thought of you as i tried to pull off some of your famous dance moves. hahaha i failed miserably. but it made me laugh a tonnnnnnn. hope you are having a wonderful time chatting it up with evan. hahaha. trent palmberg is standing behind me and wants to wish you luck in Costa Rica. he says he will be praying for you as well.

love you all. i cant wait to share all my stories with you.

parents, i miss you. but not enough to come home yet, sorry. hehe. i hope you are having a great time hanging out with bruce and karen. and molly. hah! oncee again, happy fathers day dad.

Heý there everyone this is ashley !
well i am having a fantastic time here in guatemala i lóve it so much! ´thank you all for the comments well 2 days ago we madé it back to guatemala city and we got our home stays i lovéd the´family that i was with i had a dad a mom 2 brothers a´nd 1 sister and it was so much ti´me to spend time with them they were so nice and loving. well yeah last night at our home stayy there house smelled like grandma terrys house it was very comforting i slept very well! im very excited to have pizza and artichoke dip im hoping well it has been just an amázing time here and tommorow we leaave for San Marcos and im super duper pumped i think that it will be amazing well yeah!

Dad i want to wish you a HAPPY FATHERS DAY! i miss you tons and cant wait to seee you in a week well i have good news i still have not gotten sick ive been very healthy and it feels good wow welll i think i oughta go now people are waiting well i miss everyone and cannot wait to see everone oh how are clovís and pudding i hope they are doíng good well oh carleigh i míss you tons and cannot wait to see you adn megan ah wow its just not the same seeing you like ´twice a week well i better skidadle well miss yall tataloo!
´love ashley!

Feliz dia de los padres dad!! sorry that i´m never home for this or your birthday! Things are going well here..we left our host families this afternoon after attending their church last night, and mime performing for them this morning. chris is letting us incorporate our new mime material more often, and we did our finale for the first time today!! it is sooo incredible, and i wish we could do the whole half hour presentation for all of you because its sweet! i had quiznos and cinabon today, and oh boy was it amazing. a nice break from the other food even though its good too. speaking of such tpalms is feeding me a banana chocolate "popsicle" so i can type faster! hahaha..its interesting tasting. well..im off to let him use the computadora. carleigh i expect your lovely face and something american to meet me asap upon my return to the us. megan doll i love you, and i hope you signed up for the estudia de la Bibla so i wont be alone. catherine and madeline thanks for the comments! youre both amazing. much love to mom and dad. thanks for the letters the email was my host familys.

Hey friends and family!
Writing to you all from Guatemala city. Happy Fathers day Dad, wish I could spend it with you, we will have to make up for that when I get home. The clinic that we set up in Guatemala city treated many people in need. We actually had 4 doctors there, instead of the usual 2. God is moving in amazing ways down here. Today after the church service, we went to a park, and started to to play basketball with the people there. We set up music and games and eventually had a pretty large crowd. The mime team presented the gospel, and there were many who had accepted christ for the first time. There were many children, but also many adults, and Í even spotted an older man. It was amazing.´ These past 2 days I stayed with my host family. They were some of the nicest people that i have ever met. Last night we stayed up late talking about our countries and our lives. There story is so interesting, and it seriously influenced my life. They were very hospitable, and they gave us some pretty amazing meals!! :) Please keep praying for my mom and dad, and all others reading this!

Trent Palmberg

thanks so much for the comment. Hope you had a great fathers day and im sorry I wasnt there to celebrate it with you. we are in guatemala city right´now and tomorrow we lerave for san marcos. im having a great time and the people are amazing. the trip is is going so fast i cant believe that san marcos is our last ministry city. our homestay family in guatemala city was so nice and their house was like nicer than ours! last night they took us tio see shrek 3 in english! they are both doctors and i even got to work with them in the medical clinic. well, allie´needs to use the computer and i have to take a shower. i love you so much and happy fathers day!
love andrea.

Hey dad and mom its allie.
I dont know how to use the keyboard otherwise there would be an exclamation point. Happy fathers day dad, sorry i didnt have time to write in your book before I left, ill do it when I get home. Today was our last day in Guatemala city. We leave for san marcos tomorrow. Yesterday we had our mime program and childrens program in a neighborhood ´where there was a school. The medical clinic was set up inside the ´school and the programs were done in front. It was so much fun. There are so many funny stories I cant wait to tell you but if i wrote about them all it would take a page or two. I miss you guys and hope everything is goind well. I havent gotten sick at all, woohoo. Another place for an exclamation. I cant believe how fast this trip is going. Love you guys.

hey family its christa
so dad happy fathers day and when i get back to the states i am going to buy you a steak and make you dinner. and its going to be good. i love guatemala so much and i really miss the kids from campur a lot. we leave for san marcos tomorrow and its supposed to be like a 6 hour drive or something but i guess theres tons of construction and i was told its going to be closer to like 9 hours. i have tons of intersesting stories like when we tried to land there was a dead animal on the runway. and to many happy bars will make you really happy. kike wont stop touching my ears. its freaking me out. and he just licked his finger. sick. im really excited to take a hot shower. its so nice in guat. i think im gonnna live here someday. we had a really cool ministry thing the otherday. we set up in the street and id a puppet show and the mimes did theyre thing. and today we set up in a park and did the same minus the puppet show. we had music going to bring a crowd and then we did balloon animals and a parchute it was really cool. specially when some people from the crowd accepted christ. im gonna finish watching indiana jones. peace.


howdy yall...
hey, so its adam. yeah, exciting, i know. so i guess i´ll go with the trend and say something to the effect of "happy fathers day" or "im sorry im not there to celebrate fathers day with you." But yeah, i really am. er kinda. im fairly sure that serving my heavely father is a good way to spend fathers day.
Mr. Lima, thanks for your comments. they were definitely uplifting. in the past week i have heard various reasonings behind me being a "chino". some, like yours, say that it is simply a cultural thing and that no harm is intended. On the other hand, its also been explained by saýing that the koreans that live here run factories and treat their workers, the guatemalans, líke dirt. therefore, they dont look upon people of asian decent very highly. However, through this experiance, i have learned that their reasoning behind calling sophie and i chinos doesnt matter. either way God loves them, and calls me to love them too.
Grandma and Grandpa, heres ýour very own section in my post. arent you excited!? anyway, i hope everythings going well and whatnot.
Madeline, hows it goin back yonder? hahaha wiimote? who all is "stuck" to their wiimote?
Everyone else (dont you feel so loved being at the end of my post and all lumped into one catagory!?!?) anyway... so yeah, things have been going good. Like i said a few lines up yonder, im slowly learning to not let the whole chino thing get to me, though it still seems somewhat odd. This past week has been amazing. God has shown me so many cool things, and he has really revealed himself to me in the past week. Its so hard to describe everything that ive felt and seen in the past week. Im so excited for this 2nd and final week. On the medical síde, we have been really busy all of the days, and we have seen so maný people that we have begun to run out of meds. unforunately, the stores to acquire said drugs were closed on the weekends. But, here i can really see Gods hand in action. we ran out of meds on friday. and, like i said, we cant get meds till monday. So, our medical clinics on saturday and sunday would be out of a lot of crucial things. However, God planned our trip in such a way that the next clinic is on tuesday, giving us ample time to acquire more medication. Tis pretty spiffy huh?
ýeah, so we did that whole homestay thing. yeah, it was interesting. ill have to explain later but lets just say this...
"Lancer Evo" "Cheese filled hotdog" "Beans" "Tokyo Drift" "Beans" "Breakdancing" "Spider Solitair" "Beans" "No speak!?"
But yeah, its still wicked out down here. Im melting. Ill probly come home a pile of slush, just like a snowman oughta.
Anway... i feel that ive typed way too much, but said way to little. So yeah...

Hi Dad,
This is Chelsey. Happy ´Fatherçs day i miss you! This trip is so fun and I have 2 little guatemalan brothers!
Love you all,

Hey dad happy fathers day! If i was home i would play you in an intense game of foosball. Guatemala is sweet. today we went to this basketball court in the middle of the city and set up a mime show and hunng out with kids. we played music and had a dance session. Chris is going to teach me how to do the robot. thats a bummer that you had to leave the cabin and come back to drive mari to camp. tell her to have fun. see you when i get home



  • At 1:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Hope you had a nice Father's Day. One that you won't soon forget. We did not celebrate today because my dad was sick, so we will wait til you get back. Danielle is doing great! She points to the planes in the sky and says Bah Dah. She must think you are still up in the sky flying. Thanks for the neat card, it was very thoughtful. Hope you are feeling well.

    Love, Denice

  • At 2:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is Megan AND Carleigh...
    last night, carleigh was at applebees, and steph snyder tried to order onion peels, and we found out they are DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the world will end. so stop craving them NOW... im sorry for the bluntness of this message.. but it is what it is, take from it what you will....

    on another note...

    Liz-we are working on signing up for the Bible study and are so glad you are feeling better!! we love you tons! dont worry we will have something american for you the second you get off the escalator.

    Krista-- you are beautiful. and hott, wow, we still have those second degree burns from that one time you touched us. Be careful down there, dont hurt anyone else. ;)-we love you- we are praying for you!

    Amanda- aweeee you make our hearts warm with joy when we think of you.. like awwwwwwwwweeee ammmannddaaa:) we smile. we know you say you dont like anyone right now, but the whole "mission trip theory" tells us differently. we are just waiting to see who will be right next to you when you walk through those sliding doors at the airport. ;)- you cant keep secrets from us ;) ;)

    Ashleyyyy-- HI! (from megan)- remember those games we played in that room in the basement of wooddale- with all the padded toys- and when we made that vault thing out of the mini-trampoline and a bunch of mats? just was remembering that, and thought of you, and laughed. hahaha.. thought maybe it would brighten your day!
    anwayyy---- WE LOVE YOU!! and are very excited to see you!!

    CLAIRE!!! your plastic bags are being held hostage by us, you will never see them again. we appologize for the inconvience... not really. thats all.

    Peter A!!-- so sorry to hear about your head. we kind of laughed.. in a good way.. after all its you! im sure your hair is getting pretty greasy right now, and with that bandage, woah man, you are attractive! when you get back after you wash your hair, then we can be friends again... until then a handshake will have to do.. sorry bud.Did you know that the distance from my shoulder to my other shoulder is the same distance as your shoulder to your other shoulder?? i guess you are pretty smooth after all ;)

    Trent S- you have a really cute butt, can we have back massages when you get back?? great! thanks! see you in 6 days! we are counting!!

    Schiemo!! -- you're cute. stop attracting so many guatemalan women. we've gotten phone calls asking for your number. you'd better love us, cuz we dont give it out. look behind you right now... i bet there's someone staring at you ;)

    Greg K...
    " WOW! did you hear the reverb on his voice!" - use that to pick up any guatemalan women lately??? i bet that never gets old! enjoying not being on the mime team?? jk jk. it was fun-- when you get home maybe we can give you a nice head massage, we know you will appriciate it! ;)

    Megs and Carlsbad.. the second coolest people in the world.. who are missing the first coolest people in the world... aka you all!

  • At 6:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good Morning Christina,

    We arrived home last night from RI. I am not sure you received the last message Mom and I sent you from Sharon'shouse. If not, we had a great time at Grandma's party and it was so good to see family and friends. It's Monday and I am off to work in a few minutes. It appears your group is doing well at bringing Christ to the people of Guatemala. We are proud of you and miss you very much! Love, Dad

  • At 7:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Brian, Tim, Sarah, Kike and Josh, (and Chris and Dr. Dehnel-I didn't realize they were on the trip)
    (I think I forgot to say hi to Tim the first time, sorry Pa!) It's tough reading about OCA and not being there. Reading each note brings back such memories and I'm able to feel what must be going on. God is being glorified in your work and I'm happy to hear what each team is able to accomplish through Him. Have you had the kids write their own Psalm yet? Brian you had us do that a couple years ago based on Psalm 136, what a great too. Anyway, miss you all. Was home with my mom for chemo, what a blessing. I'm hanging out with Jennifer Schoenrock today and we'll have to laugh about some Campur clogged toilet memories together. Love to you and may God's light shine forth. Susie Berger

  • At 9:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Trent P! Connecting with your host family is so cool! Who knows when you will ever get to experience this again. Being used by God is an amazing experience. Ponder it, be open to His voice these next days. I hope you are feeling strong. Continue to give your best and leave your mark on these people. Make new friends and be encouraged as we pray for the team. Love Mom, Dad and Timber


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