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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Eagle's Nest, Sololá

Today (Tues) the OCA team traveled from San Marcos to Sololá, a community overlooking Lake Atitlán. The lake is surrounded by volcanoes and small villages. In the afternoon, Pedro welcomed the group to the Eagle's Nest, a children's home established at the site of a previously run-down and bankrupt country club. Today, orphans and children in need of a safe and caring family live at the Eagle's Nest with 14 mothers and 2 fathers who raise them as their own.

The OCA teams spent the afternoon serving in areas organized by Pedro and his staff:
- Children's team played with the children and helped feed the toddlers; "They wanted love, so we gave them love." - Brooke N.
- Medical team opened a clinic on the campus and saw staff workers and children; on Wed. morning they will be open again for business.
- Sports/drama team went into town and had a 90-minute soccer game on a full-size field 11-vs-11 against the local elite team; they shared the gospel and seven of the Guatemalan team accepted Jesus as their Savior.
- Service team painted and moved dirt by wheelbarrow to reclaim a landslide area.
- Mime team divided up and joined the other teams in serving in their areas.

After the evening dinner, the group worshipped, prayed together and shared highlights of recent days, recognizing God at work in and through us.

Wed. morning the Mime team and the Sports/drama team will be presenting to the school on campus. The school includes students who live at the Eagle's Nest as well as students from the community.


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