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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last Night in Guatemala

Good evening. We just arrived at the Pan American Hotel in downtown Guatemala City. We left Santiago about 10 this morning and spent the bulk of the day wandering the streets of Antigua, shopping, eating, and just enjoying the sights.

Everyone is feeling good and ready to go home, although it is hard to leave our friends who have been our drivers and interpreters. We will spend a little time together reviewing our experiences and then we will get to bed at a reasonable time (I hope) as we have to be up at about 7 tomorrow in order to be to the airport by 9.

We will see you all tomorrow night!

Here are some last notes from the students and pictures from today.

Dear Granlund/DePesa/Solberg family,
I love you and miss you all. I cant wait to see you. Amanda, I would love to go to lunch with you. You are the greatest sister in the whole world. Mom, I got you the greatest stuff. I cant wait to see you. Craig, I want to be in your band.
See you all Sunday! Love you.
Ok so I am super excited to come home to all the fruit…and you guys! Be very excited for the gifts that I got you guys, I’m excited to see your reactions. The R&R has been so great. I have put on sunscreen papa and I swam laps tonight after dinner mom. I have been leading a workout the past three nights and we are getting in great shape. I’m told that I should get a job as a trainer at the ymca. Well I will be seeing you guys soon and I can’t wait to see you guys at the airport.


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