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Sunday, February 09, 2014

OCA 2014 is beginning!

We had our kick-off meeting January 19th and the second one is today, February 9.  At the first meeting the students and leaders found out what teams they would be on and who they would be serving with.  We also went over the major goals (our mission) of the trip, which is to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ, through: (1) displaying and sharing the love of Jesus, (2) increasing our awareness of evangelism and cross-cultural evangelism, and (3) supporting and encouraging the people and churches of Guatemala.

The students also brainstormed a list of expectations they thought would be important to hold the team members accountable to:

            be encouraging      listen to others     be patient       remember we are serving God
      no dating relationships    participate      respect authorities     love everyone   adjust to circumstances
                 have a positive attitude    assume the best in people    no drugs or alcohol   branch out
         hold each other accountable    be encouraging    love others   show respect     follow the rules

Today the individual teams will get into some more specific training for what they will be planing to do there. We have 64 students and 11 adults leaders on the team this year, broken into five teams: childrens, service, medical, mime, and sports/drama.  We will get into more description of what each team will be doing in future posts.  For now we would be very appreciative if you could be praying for schedules (so students and leaders are able to attend the trainings and have time for all the preparations they will be needing to make) and for team chemistry (so students and leaders form cohesive, supportive, energetic teams).  If you could also be praying for the staff of SEPAL and the people in the churches we will be working with that would be wonderful.  They are already laying the groundwork for our trip in June.

I will leave you with some of the lyrics from a song that is often part of the Senior High worship times - Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong.  I think it represents well the underlying attitude each team member is bringing to this opportunity to serve.

          "You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail
            and there I find You in the mystery, in oceans deep, my faith will stand.
          Your grace abounds in deepest waters, your sovereign hand will be my guide.
          Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me You've never failed and You won't start now.

          So I will call upon your name and keep my eyes above the waves when oceans rise.
          My soul will rest in your embrace for I am Yours and You are mine. ..."


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