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Monday, June 22, 2015

The service team rules!

Don't forget to look below this post for some notes from the students!

Today was an amazing day with the service team!  This is a group of some of the hardest working students I know!  Seriously.  They put their head down and work, hard!

We went to a neighborhood on the outskirts of San Marcos.  We had two projects.  Paint a church on the inside and the outside and build an outdoor kitchen for a nearby family.

I painted with Lauren, Lily, Greta, Caleb and Jane.  We were in a church that averages about 40 people a week.  The pastor was so happy!  We finished the inside by 1pm and knocked off the outside by 5:30pm.  We were flying.  The pastor told me what you did here today has a spiritual principle.  First you painted the inside, then the outside.  That is the same with our faith or lack of faith.  What we do and how we invest in the inside of who we are, will reflect on the outside.  That profound word has us thinking a lot about the men and women that God is calling us to be and become.  We debriefed this thought on the way back to the church.  What about you?  How are you investing in your “inside” right now? [pastor’s moment, ha!  But I’m serious. J What are you doing?]

The other group Ian, Jordan, James, Jordan, Bennett and Davis, built an outdoor kitchen from scratch.  It was pretty remarkable to see that thing get put up.  That photo with James holding the machete looks like a bad CD cover from 1997! I love it.  I’m not sure what the band name is yet.
The wife/mother of this house said that she might move her bedroom outside into the kitchen and put the kitchen on the inside of their house because it is so beautiful!  This family is very poor and was greatly impacted and thankful for our time with them.  This will change the way they live every single day as they prepare and meet for meals.

We went back to the church for a youth church service.  We danced and jumped and worshipped Jesus with our new friends from San Marcos!  The mime and drama team performed and did a wonderful job!
Lauren Miller made it ok yesterday too!  She comes off of an amazing week in Chicago with our 11th graders!  Check out their blog! http://srhiurbantrip.blogspot.com/

Chris Erickson (Mime Leader) and I are the only father’s leading on the trip from Minnesota and we want to say, on this Father’s Day, what a blessing it is to be Lia & Will and Christina, Jessi and Michaela’s Dad’s! We love you!

Thanks for all your prayers!  Hasta manana!


  • At 3:51 PM , Blogger Ronda said...

    It is such a treat to read the post every day, and look at all of the pictures of these young adults serving in Guatemala!

    Greta - you are really rocking the power drill and paint roller! I think we can put you to work when you get home! We miss you like crazy! Can't wait to hear all about your adventure and the ways that God has touched your heart.

    On behalf of many of the parents - Take pictures students!

    Praying for continued strength as you power through the remaining days of your trip.

    Mom/Dad - Ronda/Pete Deutsch

  • At 9:04 PM , Blogger KKerber said...

    Wow....I continue to be so encouraged by all of you and the work you're doing for the Kingdom. You guys are truly amazing. I smile every time I read the blog.
    Mark, thank you for all the pictures! My very favorite one, besides the ones of Cam of course, is of the little ones praying with their eyes shut tight - so intent to connect with the Lord. I can't imagine a sweeter image.
    Cam, we are so proud of you....John and Aaron say "hi Cammy", Walter say's "woof" and Sprite and Gracie say "meow".
    Keep working hard and know that you're all being prayed for faithfully.
    God bless you all ~ The Kerber's


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