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Friday, June 23, 2006

In Their Own Words - June 22, 2006 (Part 2)

OCA Blog for June 22, 2006 (Part Two)

Today has been an awesome day getting back into ministry. The Children’s team went to two schools and an orphanage. We saw all ends of the social spectrum today. First we went to a large private school with about three hundred kids packed into their gym. They were very responsive and enthusiastic, and with their numbers just about blew our eardrums out. We stuck around afterwards waiting for the truck and the children who had cell phones (yes this was a slightly wealthier school than where we’ve usually been) took an excessive amount of pictures and others begged us for autographs. It was a bit embarrassing but hey, I guess now we know what stars feel like. Then we drove for a while out into the country side (got some gorgeous mountain shots…) to a school that was on the other side of the spectrum. We did our show in the courtyard in the center of their school rooms while a half starving dog wandered around and cows sang in the pastures around. It was a completely amazing area. After lunch we went to an orphanage and presented to a group of about fifty orphans. They were all so begging to be loved and drinking in all of our looks, words and smiles like sponges. They didn’t say a lot but you could just see in their beaming smiles that they were so grateful that we came. I’m torn, because I really want to come home, but I also want to minister to more schools and show them the love of Jesus. Well, one more day of that and then shopping, then homeward. Luv you all and thanks so much for your prayers! I’m feeling every one!
~Hannah Hunt

Hey! Okay so I have determined that I am adopting a Guatemalan child named Hannah. She’s the most adorable thing I have ever seen and absolutely fell in love with her!!! She fits into my arms perfectly and has a smile like an angel! The children’s team went to an orphanage today and all the children brought joy to our hearts! I really loved seeing their smiles. The view on the way to all of our sites today were absolutely amazing!! God really opened m heart today and showed me a new light I never thought possible!! I love children and can’t wait to work with more tomorrow. Thanks mom and dad for finally blogging me, I thought you had forgotten about me! Haha I appreciate the message and the prayers. I miss you both a ton and please come to the airport to greet me on Sunday!!! I love you both and I hope everything is going great at home! I can’t wait to share my stories with you soon! Much love & big hugs!!

Laura Molik

Hi everyone!
Mom, the bus home from the airport is for students whose parents don’t come to the airport, so if you come you can drive me home. It’d be great if you could smuggle Tank in too!!! Haha, just kidding. I showed my home stay some pictures last night and they loved the one of Tank! They thought he was the cutest thing ever! It was great to be back ministering again! The first school we went to was the biggest one so far. Actually, Mary just told me that there were approximately 400 students there!! Alicia chose to be show #1, so I thought I could just hang out with the kids because I’m involved with show #3. But, then she informed me that I was giving my testimony.....!!usually I would be freaking out even if it was one if the smaller schools, but I never became nervous. I truly think God calmed my heart, there’s no way I would have been clam in front of that many people with out Jesus. This morning at that big school was one of the coolest moments on the trip for me. As Hannah and Laura said earlier we were able to go to an orphanage today. It was awesome to get to spend some time with the kids and help out the people who run the orphanage. And to remind you all again listen to AM 980 at 5:00pm to hear Derek talk about Guatemala and Honduras!!! Love you all!!

Hi mom and dad we love you!

Josh and Rachel Patil

Hi mom and dad, it’s annika and jill…we are having the time of our lives and we are trying to decide whether or not we are coming home. We want you guys to come to the airport to pick us up so that we don’t have to ride the bus back to wooddale. Today was our first day in Huehuetenango. We set up a clinic about 45 minutes away and we had about 100 people go through. We love you lots and can’t wait to see you when we decide to come home.

Annika and Jill

Hola! iEs mi cumpleanos hoy! (today is my birthday! – BIRTHDAY FOR GOD!!!) yay! Well, today we had a service day and the medical team saw around 97 patients! It was a great day today; we went to a small village called Suculque, just outside of Huehuetenago and the weather was PERFECT! Not too hot, sunny, and a nice cold breeze! For the first time I wasn’t drenched with sweat in my scrubs! Tonight we went to a really great restaurant called Casa Blanca and the food was good! We also had fireworks, cake and an outside fiesta to celebrate josh, josh’s and my birthday! Tomorrow is our last service day and this trip is beginning to come to an end. FRIENDS.FAMILY.BOYFRIEND…blog me to tell me what you want when I go to Antiqua! (and who is picking me up at the airport??) Time to go!! LOVE YOU!!!!!


Heyyy this is Derek Schell! I’m a lot better than the last few days..! I ate food today! & I went with my group today…(children’s team) and we did a show in front of 400 kids!! It was crazy! All these little girls were running up to me and taking pictures and asking for my autograph (I was still a little sick so I wasn’t in the best mood, but I put on a smile). Then we drove up a really bumpy mountain road and got to a smaller school with about 40 kids. It was pretty neat! We did a total of 3 shows today and the last one was at an orphanage, all the kids were really cute and they sat in our laps and stuff… Laura wants to adopt one! haha..! yeahhh so I’m a lot better I drank a cup of coffee so I’m a little hyper. (Dad I’m going to buy you coffee for Fathers Day!!) [: ok well I’m missing Minnesota a lot! I can’t wait to be home in my own bed!

P.S. mom can you call Laura and have her come to the airport with you guys? Don’t make it awkward or ill have to kill you.. hhaha 952-201-8284

Ooo yah and I forgot!


Ok love you all sorry I wrote so much! Yah I’m a lot better! Ok I have to go peace I’m out!

Hey this is tp3 again just checkin in, I totally just had 6 cups of coffee during a coffee chugging contest in which I chugged the fastest, so needless to say…. Im super freakin hyper!!! Today has been awesome we had a 45 minute super bumpy bus ride to a church in which the service team completely painted inside and out. After that was done we returned to dinner and as we waited Bohemian Rhapsody came on!! We totally rocked out to it and my neck is super sore from head banging! We then proceeded to celebrate Josh and Natalia’s B-day with cake and none other than my favorite past-time… FIREWORKS!!!! The only problem is that I wasn’t allowed to get close to them because the leaders were responsible for me, but meh (too bad you weren’t here dad, that way I could have done some really stupid pyro stuff and you’de be like, hey have fun just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do) After that I proceeded to drink 6 cups of coffee and that on top of everything else was flippin sweet! Me and a couple other people started to recite, very poorly I might add, old 90’s songs. Mosty Backstreet Boys and Lion King but there were some others too! Its been so super fun and I cant wait to finish strong tomorrow! After that we’ll be done with only shopping to do! But that can wait… tomorrow is time for more painting!!! I love you all and will see you soon, peace out!!!!!!!


PS: Sibs if you want anything from Antigua you better email me at my gmail account by tomorrow afternoon because after that I wont be able to check the web probably so… yeah do that!

Hey everyone its Jordan Lilienthal. This is a little bit weird for me because my family is on the trip with me, but Brian said that I had to so here I am. Today was a really fun day. At the first school that the children’s team visited we had a audience of 400 or more kids. It was a lot of fun to see how the kids that were 6 or 7 had the same amount of fun as the kids who were 12 or 13. It was also really funny when the teenage girls thought that the boys on the team were the hottest thing around. The kids there also wanted our autographs! I believe that I signed at least 20 pieces of paper. My favorite memory so far on the trip happened today. At our last show we gave all the kids a present. There was this little girls who I had been trying to play with me. Once we gave out the presents she came running over to me to have me help her put on the makeup that she had gotten. I have really enjoyed this trip and have a lot more stories to tell.

Jordan Lilienthal

P.S. The Snyder’s if you are reading this if you come to the airport on Sunday please bring me a cold diet coke and if you are feeling really nice milk duds!

It's now Friday morning, and we are getting ready to begin our LAST day of ministry. I can´t believe that another year in Central America is coming to an end. I have been a youth pastor since 1993, and taken about a dozen mission trips with students. Never, ever, have I been so proud of a group of students as I have been of this year´s team. They have been stretched beyond their comfort zone both spiritually and physically, and have arisen to every challenge that has come their way. Be praying for a strong day of ministry. Tomorrow it´s off to Antigua and Sunday to Minnesota.

God bless,

Brian Schulenburg


  • At 8:23 AM , Anonymous Joyce said...

    Hi Christel, Rachel and Josh. Sunni and I will be picking you up at the airport on Sunday night. Any special requests?? We can't wait to see you! Lots of love - mom

  • At 8:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey all- Sounds like you are doing just amazing things. I miss you all a ton. You are all on the cover of the Wooddale Week this Sunday- its a pretty sweet picture of you all in green polo's. The orphanage sounds like it was really great. Can't wait to see you Sunday - be ready to be attacked with hugs. Hey frosty and Decker- Hi Fiiive!!!

  • At 8:53 AM , Anonymous rose said...

    Hola Katelyn,
    Ha sido casi dos semanas. Usteded hacen las cosas asombrosas y tantas a personas conmovedoras. Sus obsequios a las personas durar'an mucho tiempo despu'es usted vuelve en casa. De'gracias por favor a todos los lideres para hacer este viaje posible.

    Kathryn le pirede, ella obtiene demasiado atencio'n de su papa y de yo. Preparare' algunos alimentos del consuelo para usted. Todos gozamos el sitio de blog y se sienta cerca a usted. Adore y unabrazo grande, la mama

  • At 9:16 AM , Anonymous patti schell said...

    Wow this blog is a huge blessing.Had me in tears again.Thanks to everyone who prayed for Derek. If you've been following this,God answered quickly. Glory to Him for the way He has worked on this whole trip!
    Derek,Dad & I know you have fallen in love w/ the adorable kids you are ministering to. So...we have added bunkbeds in your room for the little ones you plan to smuggle home in your suitcase. Love ya, Mom

  • At 10:00 AM , Anonymous The Snyder's said...

    Hey Jordan,

    Brian was right...you did need to blog because I have been thinking and praying for you and hoping you are well. Now I know. In regards to the milk duds, you know how possesive Randy can be about his stash...I will tell him to view it as a donation to the ministry!

    Looking forward to listening to the radio show this afternoon. Savor your last few days and safe travels to you all.

    No Steph - I have not forgotten about you ... love you and can't wait to hear all about your trip!

    Love - Mom

  • At 10:10 AM , Blogger Garrett said...

    Hey Tally, sounds like you guys have seen a ton of patients so far and you look like you're doing a good job with the little girl in the picture! I know you are! I think you know what to get me if you haven't already got one for yourself.(hint) I will definetily be at the airport when you arrive. Only two days left so finish strong and be prepared for lots of hugs and kisses! Love You

  • At 2:33 PM , Blogger Mandy said...

    Hey Natalia!!!! It sounds like your having a good time, and it looks like your having a good time too workin with all those little girls. You look soo professional!! Well anyways, you should get me a cool lookin t-shirt or the usual, or both, whatever you would like. Anyways, its only a couple more days until you get back. Im so excited to see you, I MISS YOU SOO MUCH!!! I am going to be there at the airport to pick you up. But I hope you wnjoy your time down there and take lots of picture. LOVE YOU TONS!!!

  • At 10:55 PM , Blogger Sandy and Mike said...


    We are planning to meet you at the airport. See you Sunday.


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