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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Radio interview on Friday at 5pm

Yes that's right - some of our kids will be interviewed on the radio tomorrow. Check out AM 980 at 5pm tomorrow (Friday) to here Jeff Schell interview Derek and Brian on how the trip is going. If time permits other kids will be on and there may be a chance for parents/supporters to call in and ask questions. It should be pretty neat-o so check it out. You can also check it out and listen on line at www.kkms.com
I couldn't post without adding another picture- this is one of my favorites of Dave Dahl being a bit silly with our friend Eddie.


  • At 1:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dear Everyone, This is Claire's mom; I think I figured out how to do this comment thing. We have been reading your blogspot daily, looking at the great photos and praying for all of you. It sounds like you have all been doing a great job with your teams, speaking Spanish, eating new things and adjusting to new environments! We are so impressed. Can't wait to see you upon your return, Love, the Christensons

  • At 4:10 PM , Anonymous Charlie Crocker said...

    Hi Alli!
    Hows it going down there? We all miss you a ton. It sounds like you guys are doing good work down there and having fun too. Im really enjoying your phone Al!! haha well say hi to everyone i know and we miss you all!

    From about the coolest kid ever, Charlie Crocker

  • At 6:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Amz and the mime girls! We love reading your notes and seeing your pictures. Send more!!!! God is doing way more than I could imagine in and through you all. Thank you for being the mind and body of Christ to all you meet. Also a huge thank you to all the adult leaders (Sarah, Kerry, Tim, Brian, and all,) for your support and undying love for these young people. So excited to hear more and we'll see you at the airport, Amy. Love the Powells

  • At 6:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great Mayan group photo. Inspiring people.Exceptional team.(Nolan-is that you on top-whatcha doing up there?)Just a couple of days left.We are certain that they will be as productive and as memorable as all of the rest.Get your last fill of rice and beans.This blogspot has been incredible! All of the comments and pictures- It seems at times that we are living it with you.We can't wait to greet you at the airport. We pray for your safe return.Love, the Millers

  • At 9:37 PM , Anonymous Kay and Bill Hieb said...

    Dear Derek Schell,
    Awsome, dude. Glad you're feeling better. We will be listening to the radio Friday. We love you man.
    Pastor was led by the Lord to lay hands on you. Amen! Grampa Bill Hi Derek....So glad you're back from sickville..be encouraged...gramps and I went over to Minneapolis to the KKMS PICNIC in the park along with your mom. We had a great time..We will listen tomorrow to you and pastor Brian on the broadcast..We miss you and are looking forward to seeing you soon..God bless all of you...Love, grams from Stillwater.

  • At 9:52 PM , Blogger Mary Krech said...

    Hi Gregory!
    I have been reading the blog site once or twice a day. It is so neat to feel a part of your ministry.

    I went to your work and got Friday night off for you so you can do a wedding gig - it came though one of you Simley friends - and the bride is dad's second cousin. you will be using the projector to show their memory video...plan for a full week when you return!!!

    I have reallly missed you here and it will be good to have you home. Kristin will be off to camp so you will not see her until Thursday.

    For the entire team - FINISH STRONG - allow God to continue to work in you as you searve him! Thank you for the blog site - I have been so touched reading it, and have passed it on to others!

    We miss you,
    Mom (Mary Krech)

  • At 9:55 PM , Blogger Mary Krech said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 10:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey dave whats happenin?? this is jay (your brother). seen some pictures of you with little ninos, thats cool. looks like your havin a good time playin and helpin people out and such. its only been me and mom and dad here... you need to come back immediately. get sick at all? seen some cool mountains and stuff? well let me know... when you get back i guess... tell people hi for me, like nolan or whatever. alright see ya!

  • At 10:53 PM , Anonymous danios volencios said...

    hola mateo, aarundo says real bloggers never use caps. how's the spanish? i'm up to level three, check this out - yo tengo ganas de descansar y no hacer nada. como esta? se divierten ustedes? no bebas tu de esa agua! tu' no nos gusta esta diarrea! nosotros busco a su hermana en la casa. la pareja en aquella mesa pidio' pescado. comprende usted?
    pretty sweet huh! me encanta espanol!
    hasta luego, grande encanta, daddio

  • At 11:15 PM , Anonymous Julie Hunt (Hannah's mom) said...

    Wow, your blogs just amaze me and confirm what an awesome God we do serve. If you reflect on how many lives 59 of you have touched in less then 2 weeks it would be astounding. How many people have seen the mime presentations, the children's puppet shows, the bball games? How many have been individually ministered to by the medical teams and service teams. Well done good and faithful servants! I understand that you were at an orphanage today where you have impacted so many more. God's blessings as you finish up this journey. My prayers for you these last few days are that you may be just as invigorated and impassioned as you were the first days. May your presence and service have an eternal impact on those you are ministering to. I pray that everyone regains their health and energy to finish well. We all look forward to hearing your stories and testimonies when you return. A BIG thanks to all the leaders of the group for taking care of our kids. Hannah, we love you and miss you and will see you at the airport upon your return! Keep smiling! :-)
    Mom (aka Julie Hunt)

  • At 11:30 PM , Blogger The Frosts said...


    Hi (Dad typing w mom here too).
    as been great to hear the updates & see your pic(s) here. Sounds like quite a trip - look fwd to you updating us when you gat back.
    (mom here)We miss you & are thankful you sound healthy & are having a great time. We are praying for you daily & look fwd to seeing you.

    We reserved some time for our fam vac in late July.

    Jerry & Jan

  • At 12:11 AM , Blogger Jan said...

    Ryan - we will be at Don Pablos eating beans to celebrate the end of Aunt Cathy's chemo/radiaton treatments at the exact time Jeff Schell will be interviewing Brian and Derek. Sorry I have to miss it.

    Spent the day with Aunt Cathy. Took her to buy another (better) wig. You won't recognize her the next time you see her. She won't get her hair back for another eight months and wants to look "normal" now that she is feeling better. We got her a really cute wig that should be more comfortable than the cheap one she has now. Keep her in your prayers.

    Did I tell you that I rescheduled your appt with Normandale? Now you can sleep all day Monday if you want! No worries!

    Be happy and enjoy the end of your trip. God bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you all as you serve Him.

    Jan (your mama)

  • At 4:27 AM , Blogger HARTS said...

    Hi Natalia,

    I hope that your birthday was great. Think about it - when I turned 17, I was on a mission trip with my church in Central America. What a good memory. Soon you will all be back home in Minnesota. Were all very excited to have you all home. Enjoy the last few days and give thanks to Gthe Lord for this blessed time in your lives.

    God Bless

  • At 8:27 AM , Anonymous Rose said...

    Hola Katelyn, ha sido casi dos semanas. Ustedes hacen las cosas asombrosas y tantas a personas conmovedoras. Sus obsequios a las personas durarán mucho tiempo después usted vuelve en casa. Dé gracias por favor a todos los líderes para hacer este viaje posible. Kathryn le pierde, ella obtiene demasiado atención de su papá y de yo. Prepararé algunos alimentos del consuelo para usted. Todos gozamos el sitio de blog y se siente cerca a usted. Adore y un abrazo grande, la Mamá

  • At 11:52 AM , Blogger KKMS Live! with Jeff & Lee said...

    If you miss the radio interview and want to listen to it later we will make it available on our audio archives web site. It will probably be available by Monday - maybe earlier.

    Here is a direct link to the site: http://www.kkmslive.com/podcast/


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