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Friday, June 23, 2006

June 24 Devotion

Well I started this blog with giving you an idea of what the kids would be doing in their devotions and I thought you might like to see their final devotion. I think it will be really neat to hear their answers to these in the days to come.

June 24
Welcome home (or, almost anyway!). Before you get too wrapped up in the joys of traveling, unpacking, or storytelling, I want you to take at least a few minutes to reflect on the trip. Flip back in this lil’ booklet to June 11th, where you wrote down your expectations and anxieties (or, if you didn’t write them down, try hard to remember what they were).
Where did God exceed your expectations? In what ways did you see His faithfulness?
What disappointments did you face?
What is (at least!) one spiritual lesson that you’ve learned throughout the course of the trip that you don’t want to forget? Include even the details that you think you’ll always remember, because believe it or not, your memory may fade, but written stories are likely to encourage you later.
May you always continue to learn how to show love to God and your neighbor,
and may you daily live out the fruit of the spirit.


  • At 4:06 PM , Anonymous The Millers said...

    More great pictures!From the look of the B ball team you should try and set up a game with the NBA champs- the Miami Heat!Can't wait until all of you are home-safe and sound.Finish stong.The Millers.


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