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Saturday, June 24, 2006

We´re In Antigua

Hey everyone,

We´re in Antigua. The students finished up their ministry last night, and again, I could not be more proud of them. We boarded the bus at 8:00 this morning to head to Antigua and arrived here at 2:00. We´ll stay here until 8:00 tonight, and then drive to Guatemala City to stay for the night. We are all excited about coming home tomorrow.

When we went into this trip we asked you to pray for several things. We asked you to pray for people to come to Christ, and God has answered big time with close to 2000 new believers in Jesus Christ. We asked you to pray for safety as we travel. We have traveled hundreds of miles without incident. We asked you to pray for team unity. This team has been spectacular. We asked you to pray for a spiritual awakening in the lives of our students. We believe that the awakening has occurred. We asked you to pray for health. We have had no serious health issues, and those who have become ill have generally recovered within 24 hours. We asked you to pray for strength, and God has given us incredible strength.

This will be our last entry on the blog for this year. We appreciate all of the prayers, comments, support. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

See you tomorrow night at 10:00 at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.


  • At 3:58 PM , Anonymous Sarah (suki) said...

    Amen- I just wanted to give you the details for their arrival to MSP again. Continental (from Guatemala City to Houston on flight 459 and from Houston to MSP on flight 616) Follow their progress on www.continental.com It will give you their actual take off times and estimated arrival times - just in case they get delayed. Kids can ride home with their parents but there will also be transportation back to Wooddale. I know they will be all very excited to see you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me- Sarah 952-807-5885
    See you at the airport tomorrow

  • At 12:30 AM , Blogger Jan said...

    Amen and again I say, Amen.


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