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Saturday, June 28, 2014

OCA 2014 Postscript

Well, everyone is now home, and all the bags have made it at least as far as the church. The majority of the bags checked on the middle flight yesterday (which included all 23 of the service bags) were held back in Dallas allegedly by customs, a fact we did not discover until none of the bags showed up in baggage claim in Minneapolis.  It got squared away and all the bags were delivered to Wooddale this morning.  Hopefully by now all the team members have their belongings back home safe and sound. One unfortunate side effect was that the aroma on opening our bags in my garage were none the sweeter for having been pent up for an additional 24 hours.....

Tomorrow (Sunday 9/29) at 9:45 we will hold the Senior High Ministry reunion service, where all of the students who traveled to Colorado, Chicago or Guatemala will come together to celebrate their different (but common) experiences sharing the Gospel and being in the middle of God at work. It will be a very energetic time I am sure. Everyone is happy to be back in their "normal" surroundings, but hopefully they will not be quite as comfortable as they were before their respective trips.

Hopefully God has planted at least a small 'burr under their saddle' to keep them itching to continue their service here in Minnesota. Those who were paying attention saw God work in both big and small ways. Our God is master of the universe, but he also knows and cares for each one of us as distinct individuals. Going out from this trip we pray that the people God touched through our presence would get connected to their local body of believers and continue to grow in their faith. And we pray that each of us will remember those moments on the trip that God touched us and use those altars to embolden us to continue to grow and proclaim our faith.

As a final Word of the day, we look to the team devotional again. In 1 Chronicles 29:10-13 David praises The Lord publicly. "Praise be to you, O Lord, God of our father Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all. Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name." Above all else, the OCA team wants the same result- that all the glory and honor for whatever was accomplished by the team should flow directly to God.

In closing, we ask for your prayers for courage to continue our individual and collective faith journeys. You all have been a tremedous blessing and encouragement to us. As we each step into our next adventure, this is the prayer we want to take with us:

         I would be your hands and feet
         if you would be my heart.
         I would sow and reap for you...
         If I could only start.

         But fear it does encircle me-
         Entangling tongue and will.
         I want to give my best for you...
         And yet I linger, still.

         Please take my hand and give me strength;
         You promise this and more.
         Please light my trembling heart aflame
         And push me out the door.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our final post from Guatemala.

Its hard to believe this is our last night in Guatemala. Much has been accomplished but it still seems the time has flown by. Today most of the team got up early, leaving Panahachel a little after 7am. We arrived at our hotel just as the US-Germany match was starting.  The hotel had a room set up with a large screen TV for us to watch the game.  During halftime we had a nice snack of french fries and iced tea.  Even though the US lost we still had a good time watching the game. The rest of the team came in as the game was ending, so we distributed lunch money and sent the students off to explore the town for the afternoon.  The leaders had a nice lunch with the Guatemalan and Salvadoran  team members, and after that joined the students for shopping and exploring.

At 7pm we came back together for a celebration dinner at the hotel. There was a marimba band in full costume and a wonderful traditional dinner, and then dancers in traditional costumes and masks. Everyone was in good spirits and excited to be going home (but sad to be leaving). After dinner we had one final worship and sharing time, during which William (the evangelist from El Salvador who traveled with the mime team) presented a message challenging the students to continue to build on their faith.

The first Saturday group and the Sunday group will be up early tomorrow (about 3:30am) to be able to get to the airport to catch their morning flights. The second Saturday group will have a slightly more leisurely morning.  Before you know it we will be home and greeting you all in person.  Please be praying for one more day of good health and nice, smooth connections through the traveling process tomorrow.

Our final Word of the day is from Joshua 4:5-7. "... 'Go over before the ark of the Lord your God into the middle of the Jordan. Each of you is to take up a stone on your shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, 'What do these stones mean?' tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord. When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever." Our prayer is that  the memories and pictures and souvenirs and scars the kids bring home will serve as reminders of the work God did in and through them during their 2 weeks here in Guatemala.

As a wrap-up, here are some of the things the students learned during their OCA 2014 experience:

*have seen how a relationship with God brings peace and joy in difficult circumstances
*you don't always have to be doing something to serve God
*am reminded through the mime of how generous God is
*realized how much we need to rely on God for strength
*'loving' someone is different than 'enjoying' them; love them first, and whether or not you enjoy them keep loving them
*the littlest things matter; if nothing else they may be seeds to something greater
*you cannot change peoples' circumstances but by introducing them to Jesus you enable them to change their perspective which may subsequently enable them to change their circumstances
*it is not "one and done"- we will see these people again in heaven
*God's plan is better than ours (even though it can be hard to see at the time since his time frame is so much wider than ours)
*God comforts us in hard situations
*God provides direction through our experiences
*God uses the regard (awe?) in which the youth we serve hold our students to reach them with words that they would not hear from adults ("they're so cool we will do whatever they say")
*The Guatemalans we served along side were wonderful examples of selfless living
*what was first perceived as a language barrier actually serve as a relationship 'bridge'
*we cannot measure a person's response to God based on their response to us
*we need to be in the moment, and not concerned with what might have been or what will happen in the future
*unexpected things (big or small) bring people together
*can teach about God through the simplest things (such as chalk drawings of the cross)
*God is a God of joy (worship, soccer, the scenery, etc.)
*being a Christian is more than just being a Christian- we need to act on our faith
*true love is truly unconditional
*"I will pray for them until I have no breath"
*be proud of our "name" (who God made us to be)
*when we can't do any more, we need to remember God can and that we can still pray
*we serve a God of miracles
*we need to be aware of (and respond to!) God's still, small voice
*always be second; be generous
*we are conditioned to default to our comfort zone so we need to intentionally step out in faith
*we actually feel more blessed (rewarded) when God provides in situations where we cannot
*God is a God who goes before us (prepares our way)
*technology is a barrier to relationships with God and with others
*2 Corinthians 2:13 "...the fragrance of the knowledge of Him"
*God will be generous when we pray
*it's not about me (this was our theme)
*pray without ceasing, because God answers prayer, but then be sure to acknowledge his answer
*God rewards obedience with joy
*don't just learn about God (intellectual), experience Him (all dimensions of life); love Him back
*don't let circumstances rob you of the joy of service (don't be disappointed when the plan does not go our way)

Here are a last few notes from students:
I hear I've been requested to write by my lovely sister Abby... Hi Abby and parents! I've been having a lot of fun on sports team, and I got to share God's love with so many people. We went to a military school and 14 people came to Christ after watching the drama which was amazing to experience. I'm sure you're wondering if I got injured, and yes I did... On the second day... I got kicked in the ankle, and now it's a little swollen and bruised. I'm doing fine though and I miss you! See you soon! P.S. Nick says NYAN!

-Maria Emerson

Apparently our fan club wants a shoutout. So hey Cam and Bret. And our families. Children's has been great and this trip was a great experience for us all. Looking forward to see everyone tomorrow.

-Colin Fox and Seth Barnaby


A day of R& R before heading home on Friday.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

R & R at Lake Atitlan

"He wraps himself in light..." The psalmist must have experienced a morning like this as inspiration! Getting up a little early this morning allowed me the privilege of experiencing a multisensorial presentation choreographed by God himself. As I walked out to the point of land overlooking Lake Atitlan the sun was still pulling itself out from under the cover of night. Silver gray clouds hung low around the surrounding volcanic peaks while the lights of the towns and houses sparkled like diamonds sprinkled along the shore and over the slopes. A light breeze was blowing in from the east, an advance herald to the coming sun. All around was a symphony of bird voices, each calling to their own kind and anyone else who would hear to be sure all were aware another day had arrived. As the tops of the mountains gradually turned from black to red to green the valley almost imperceptibly filled with light. All the while,the only thing running through my mind was the chorus to an old hymn- "Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee. How great thou art! How great thou art!"

Since we did not have far to go today we got to push breakfast back to 9. The students like being able to sleep in, especially since a number of them had gone for a midnight swim with Mark (the orphanage has a pool). Mark also took about 25 students for a 5 mile run before breakfast so they are still getting some exercise. We had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, refried beans, ham and plantains at the orphanage, and then headed down to Panahachel on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

After parking the buses at the hotel we will stay at tonight the group walked down to the docks and boarded a large motor launch for the trip across the lake to Santiago.  We docked at the Tiosh Abaj hotel which is where we have stayed in past years.  They cooked us up a nice lunch of hamburgers and french fries. The hotel has beautiful grounds with gardens and cool stone buildings so it was a nice relaxing stop. And it was nice to be in the shade since it was quite sunny in the morning.  By the time we headed back across the lake the clouds were gathering again.  It didn't rain, but they did reduce the heat of the sun a bit which made for a nice ride back to Panahachel.  The launch had a nice wide, flat roof the students could be on, and a good selection of music so they had fun dancing their way both ways across the lake.

We got back to the hotel around 2:30, and had our bags unloaded and distributed to our rooms by about 3:30. After that the students were given free time for the rest of the afternoon to swim in the pool or shop in the market (a 3-block walk from the hotel) or just hang out and enjoy the ambiance.  We are looking forward to dinner at 6:30 or so, and then another evening of worship and team sharing.  Last night's was very powerful so hopefully tonight's will be as well.

Our Word for today comes from Philippians 4:12-13. "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well-fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Our prayer is that all of the team members, having experienced all of these extremes over the course of this trip, will more readily see God's hand and provision in all their circumstances.

Tomorrow we will head to Antigua where we will have a free day in town.  We will have at least one bus go early so we can get to our hotel in time to see the US play in the World Cup. We will vote tonight to see if some buses will go later or if we will all go early.  We will stay in Antigua tomorrow night and then get up early Friday to get to the airport.  Prayer requests for tonight and tomorrow include open hearts for sharing and a continued appreciation of the fact that we are here as missionaries rather than tourists.  Talk to you tomorrow from Antigua!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On to Solola

This morning dawned bright and clear, with just enough cloud wisps to paint the sky behind the mountain peaks a subtle coral. Standing in the garden just absorbing my surroundings one final time I heard the chorus of the song "The Great I Am" coming from the chicken bus where Antonio our driver was preparing it for the coming road trip. "Hallelujah, Holy Holy, God almighty Great I am, Who is worthy, None beside Thee, God Almighty, Great I Am."  And those words expressed exactly what my heart was feeling.  Whatever else this trip has been, it has been a chance for each of us to experience God's grace and see his power.  As I headed in to get breakfast the next song came on- 'I Lay Me Down', which starts "With this heart open wide, from the depths, from the heights, I will bring a sacrifice. With these hands lifted high hear my song, hear my cry. I will bring a sacrifice. I lay me down, I'm not my own, I belong to you alone...". It reminded me of the attitude we hope and pray everyone on the team brings home with them.

We left San Marcos a little later than planned.  It turns out today is a holiday here in Guatemala and there was a large parade that had its starting point just down the street from our church... which means we could not get out with the buses until the parade had started and cleared some of the street.  Once on the road we had an uneventful trip. The vistas from the highway were magnificent, so the trip passed fairly quickly.  When we got to the Eagle's Nest in Solola Lake Atitlan was still clear of clouds and we had the opportunity to enjoy the view from the promontory where the orphanage is situated. As we sat down for lunch, though, the clouds had moved in and obscured the lake.  As we have experienced on this trip, it was raining by about 3 o'clock. After the rain passed fog set in. So where it was pretty warm this morning we are back to the damp coolness we became accustomed to in San Marcos. But also as we have experienced the rain did not impact our ability to complete our respective service.

We had a nice lunch prepared by the orphanage and then all the teams spread out over the compound to do a few hours of service. Mime and childrens put on their programs for all the kids who live here and some from the neighboring houses- maybe 50-60 kids from 5 to 10 years old maybe? Drorts had a soccer game on the site's indoor court with the older students, and medical held a clinic for the kids and some of the workers and some other folks. None of the crowds were very big but it was a nice transition down for the teams, and our students had better opportunity to interact one-on-one with the kids.  Service got to swing machetes at last, clearing some area to be used for more play space for the children.  Everyone also had some time to hang out in the nursery and hold and play with babies (I got to hold 4-month-old Adam for awhile).

We just finished dinner and will now have some worship and teaching time.We will also start having our students process what they have experienced by taking turns sharing with the team.  After breakfast tomorrow we will head down the hill to Panahachel and take a boat ride across the lake to Santiago for lunch.  We will then spend the night near the lake before heading back toward Guatemala City on Thursday (we will be in Antigua for most of Thursday).

Our Word is from today's team devotional.  2 Corinthians 9:12 "This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God."  Our task as leaders (and team members) the next couple of days is to celebrate what God accomplished through us, recognizing that even with all the physical needs that were met the larger value is in the number of people who were exposed to the Gospel and in the new and renewed believers. While we appreciate your prayers for our team, our request tonight is to cover those who heard the Good News, that those who made a decision to follow Christ will be able to connect with a source of encouragement, and those who are still seeking will be a step closer to the Truth.

Thanks once again for your support.  Its hard to believe but we are down to the last 3 days of the trip! 

Here are a few more inputs from students:

Rachel Youngquist
Today the OCA Team left San Marcos, and we drove to Solola. The view left everyone speechless. Actually, we couldn't stop talking about it. The team is staying at the orphanage over night. There are other interns from the United States here, and it felt a little strange to see other Americans. We were welcomed by the staff and the interns. Later, we were able to interact with the kids during the day. The kids here are a great display of how God has made everyone unique. One kid in particular was a failed abortion. She did not have ears, and she had cataracts in her eyes,yet she was still adorable. There were also babies we got to hold. There are around 50 kids here, and Pedro, the director, lives here with his family. The Service Team was able to use machetes to cut down weeds. Luckily there were no injuries. At night the clouds came in over the mountain the orphanage sits on. The fog was surreal. It was our last work day which is bitter sweet. We are very thankful the Lord has been able to use us to futher His kingdom in Guatemala.

Micah Winters
It's hard to believe that we are almost done with our time here in Guatemala. These two weeks have been so amazing as we have been able to interact with the people and culture of this country. We said farewell to our final homestay this morning and drove to an orphanage in Solola on Lake Atitlan. It's impossible to do justice to the beauty of this country with mere words or even photographs. But what is even more spectacular and inexpressible is the work that God has done through us and in us here. He has revealed himself to us through his creation, each other, and the people we have been serving. He is so good and it is incredible and humbling to be a part of the expansion of his kingdom here in a foreign land. Even though we now are done officially serving,pray that we will continue to serve Jesus through all that we do and we will see you soon!

Tuesday--Eagle's Nest orphanage in Sololá on Lake Atitlán

If you double click on the photo, it might enlarge it for you, depending on your browser, etc. 

Monday Photos

The Sports/Drama team visited a local military school in San Marcos. Several students indicated their desire to follow Jesus as their Savior. It was also the first opportunity to play futbol 11-on-11 on a full-size field. In the afternoon, the team visited the pueblo of San Lorenzo high in the mountains. Futbol and basketball games were played in the town square. Since it was late (and cold in the clouds), the local school principal treated the team to a snack of hot apple cider and banana bread.

Last day in San Marcos

It's our last night in San Marcos.  We had a later night again tonight.  We had some good team time after dinner (Victor, one of the translators from El Salvador, did a teaching on John 13-14), and then we had the official good-byes from our host churches.  Interestingly enough, the good-bye included 3 pinatas. Eric, Bridget and Bryce drew the honors of smacking the respective pinatas, and everyone enjoyed the pieces of candy that came out.

The teams had good service days today.  The weather was nice early on but turned cloudy before noon and rained off and on the rest of the day.  Service completed their work on the playground structure (a jigsaw puzzle of over 200 parts and additional hundreds of nuts, bolts, screws, washers and some things no one knew what to call) and painting at the school.  They also found time to play some soccer with the school kids during their recess time.  Drorts was on the road again, visiting schools in the outer reaches of the San Marcos district.  They had good crowds again, but mixed it up a bit by playing both soccer and basketball- I don't think it was at the same time, though.  They got rained on at their last location, but that just made basketball on a dusty concrete court that much more entertaining.

Medical, Childrens and Mime started out at the same location, a small, rural town about an hour southwest of and a thousand feet higher than San Marcos (which is itself at nearly 8000 feet!).  The townspeople were excited to have us come- they had the mayor out to welcome us and a 7 piece band to play some rousing welcome music. Once we got through the opening ceremonies the childrens team set up in the town square and performed their program as the clouds swirled around them.  Needless to say, it was cold and damp, but there was enough activity that everyone stayed reasonably warm.  After the childrens program the mime performed in a nearby church to a crowd of several hundred.  While all this was going on medical had set up and started a clinic in the school located between the square and the church.  It was a nice location for them, with lots of rooms and lots of covered areas (protection from the passing showers). They also were blessed with the presence of a local nurse who was also able to see patients.  As a result they had 5 clinic rooms going and ended up seeing nearly 300 patients, their second-highest number.  They had actually seen 340 patients the last day in Malacatan.

After the mime program finished all 3 teams were treated to a wonderful lunch prepared right there by ladies of the town.  It was grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables and of course tortillas.  It tasted really good to all since we were getting a little chilled in the damp. Refreshed, mime headed off to their afternoon program at another town up in the mountains surrounding San Marcos, childrens headed back to San Marcos proper for their afternoon stop, and the medical team went back to seeing patients. By 7:30 all the teams were back in the host church and finishing up a lovely dinner of carne asada (grilled beef), refried beans, rice and tortillas. And lots of the cinnamon tea the church always had brewed for us (that tea is amazing in how it warms you right up!).  Which brings up back to the beginning of this post with the worship and teaching time.

We have had a good stay here in San Marcos- it has been refreshing to both body and soul.  So it will be a little difficult to leave in the morning, but everyone is excited to be able to spend time with the kids at the orphanage in Solola.  We plan to leave about 8:30am so we can get to Solola by lunchtime and have the afternoon to be with the kids.  We will stay there tomorrow night and then move on to R and R the next day.  Our prayer requests for the coming days are (1) for safe driving and good roads; there has been a lot of rain (to which I understand you all can relate all too well) but we have not heard of any roads being closed along our route, and (2) that the students will process what they have experienced and not forget what God has done in and through them.

The Word for today comes from Victor's teaching.  John 13:34-35 says "A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." As our trip draws to a close we pray the students will continue to build on the bonds that have been developed through both fun and tough times, and that their lives individually and collectively will give clear evidence to the fact they are children of the Lord God.

If there is any internet access I'll post an update from Solola tomorrow. Until then, thanks again for your prayers and support.

Here is some additional input from students:

Yesterday we went to an orphanage in San Marcos. I bonded with some middle school-aged girls as we drew pictures and wrote our names in chalk on the ground. In our children's program, there is a song we always sing that has the lyrics "Dios es mi papa" which translates to "God is my Dad." Being at the orphanage with kids who don't have a mom or a dad present in their lives changed the way I think about these words. We have a heavenly father who cares uniquely for each of us. It was so hard to leave the kids at the orphanage after our time there was over. However, it's reassuring to remember that the children there have an eternal father, even though they lack earthly parents.
Anna Erickson

Hola from Guatemala! Med team has been AMAZING!!! We just got back from our last full service day. We had one service day in Guatemala City, two in Malacatan, and three here in San Marcos. Med team has served over 1200 people...crazy and exhausting but so worth it. It has been cool to see how God has brought our team together and used everyone's gifts to create an awesome environment. I love everyone on my team, we've gotten super close. I have to go eat dinner now (believe it or not mom I've been doing great with the food) but thank you for all the prayers and support. It really has been one amazing trip. Missing home but loving Guatemala too!
-Peace, Love, and Ibuprofen- from the entire med team!
Valerie Cross and Alannah Beck

HI FROM SAN MARCOS!!! I, (Caroline) have had so much fun helping patients on the med team! Malacatan was challenging, but the patients there have taught me so much.
I am now fluent in spanish, shout out to my swaggy spanish teacher. I don't want to leave; it's so pretty here, I love the mountains. k, bye
Caroline Liang and Peyton Maddern

HidyHo from San Marcos! I'm so happy that I've had the opportunity to serve with the service team here. Since we arrived in San Marcos we have had the opportunity to serve at a pastors house and a christan school up in the mountains. While at the pastors house we knocked out a few walls to make room for a driveway and wheelbarreled mountains of dirt out of the house. Although it was hard work and heavy lifting, our team still had a stellar time doing it. The tedious work of painting walls and building a play-place was more enjoyable with the amazing view that we had. The team even had the opportunity to work in the clouds(literally), be interviewed on the radio, and have fresh fruit for the first time in who knows how long. On our last day here in San Marcos we got to end our day of hard work with a game of soccer with the school  staff. I've really enjoyed my time serving here and I will really miss the amazing people I have met, but I could really go for some Chipotle right now. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Sarah Moen

!Hola! from San Marcos! I've been having an amazing time! I feel rejuvinated,being way from reality for such a long period of time. It's so adventurous out here and every single view I see is breathtaking. Guatemala is honestly the most beautiful place I've ever been. I've been working in the medical clinic and the people of Guatemala make it that much more amazing. I have met so many amazing people, I have served so many amazing people and I have had compassion I've never felt before, and I know that is all part of God's plan for me on this trip. Even times that I have felt sick or discouraged, God has shown me that he has a plan for everything I do. I can't fathom how amazing and peaceful this trip has been for me and I know I'm gonna miss it greatly when I come home.
Rayna DeJongh

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday Photos

Sunday in San Marcos

It as a late night tonight so I will just post an abbreviated update. Our host church held a youth service tonight (so we had time to do our service work during the day) and so we did not head to homestays until after 10.  It was very good service, with lots of active singing, a message from Pastor Neri, and presentations from both our mime team and the host church's mime team.

In the morning the mime and childrens teams went to the San Pedro city square to perform.  It started out a small crowd but grew as people started coming out to spend some time in the sunshine.  Childrens had about 40 children for their program, but by the time the mime performed there were several hundred people there.  It got cloudy (which was a nice break from the hot sun) but then started to sprinkle.  There were even a few thunder claps.  But everyone prayed we would get through the presentation before it rained and the clouds cleared away from the center of town for us. Both teams also had an additional program in the afternoon. Drorts had a couple of long drives today but the response of the audiences were worth the time in the van. Service spent the day starting to paint and assemble a swing set for a nearby school, which they will finish up tomorrow (Monday).  Medical went to a neighboring town for the day.  Their time there included a large (and loud!) birthday party.  On the upside they all got cake.  Before dinner, everyone but mime finished early enough to catch most of the USA's almost exciting tie in the World Cup (mime team had a long drive to and from their afternoon performances).  There was a lot of cheering during the USA goals, but the ending left us all mute.

Tomorrow is the last full day of service for OCA 2014. All of the teams were at full strength today, so the students are looking to end strong. Our prayer requests at this point are more directed to the churches we have served along side and the seeds that have been planted in the people our various teams have had the honor of presenting the Gospel to. Pray that those who heard the message will continue to seek out a relationship with Christ, and that the churches will be able to build on the connections initiated through our service and disciple and teach those new believers.

Coming into the home stretch for the trip, our Word for today comes from Pastor Neri's teaching tonight. The teams ave done some great work, but they cannot relax and let their guard down.  Ephesians 6:10-11 says: "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the whole armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." As the team transitions back to "real life" we will have some teaching and time for reflection on how to sustain what has been accomplished in each of us as individuals and in the team as a part of Wooddale Student Ministries during this trip.

To close, I thought you might like to enjoy a San Marcos morning with the team:

    To step out of time-
    Air cool and still with anticipation,
    The city poised to greet the new day.
    Then heralded by rooster's crow,
    Dog's bark and bus' growl
    The sun crowns the surrounding hills.
    With measured pace the light
    Makes its way into the city,
    Once again obliging the night
    To take its leave.
    A new day begins.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saturday Photos

Saturday Photos: 

Childrens Team at medical clinic:

Service Team: 

The Service team worked on two projects today (Saturday). These photos are from the demolition project. The other group removed and replaced a tin roof on a woman's house.