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Come and see what is happening on the Operation Central America missions trip. Also learn about the teams and their prayer requests.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Radio Show June 23 link

Here is a link to the radio interview (scroll down to June 23rd) in case anyone wants to hear it again: http://www.kkmslive.com/podcast/

Monday, June 26, 2006

July 22-23, 2006 Missions Festival

The kids are all home and now you have the chance to come hear how the trip was.

Wooddale Missions Festival
Saturday July 22 from 6:30p-7:15p the mime team will be presenting
Come to the Contemporary Worship Service 5:15 and stay for Dinner and the Accoustic Cafe

Sunday July 23 from 9:30a-2pm
All teams will have a booth and sharing pictures and stories from the trip
There will be food tickets you can buy.

Kids- Don't forget to get your thank you's to your supporters. If you need an updated list email me at sarah.bancroft@wooddale.org and I can email you a copy in excel so you can make labels (and not have to hand write all your labels).

Also we are supposed to have a REUNION/ PICTURE SWAP that day after the Missions festival. More info to come.

So glad you are all back home- You all did a great job.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

We´re In Antigua

Hey everyone,

We´re in Antigua. The students finished up their ministry last night, and again, I could not be more proud of them. We boarded the bus at 8:00 this morning to head to Antigua and arrived here at 2:00. We´ll stay here until 8:00 tonight, and then drive to Guatemala City to stay for the night. We are all excited about coming home tomorrow.

When we went into this trip we asked you to pray for several things. We asked you to pray for people to come to Christ, and God has answered big time with close to 2000 new believers in Jesus Christ. We asked you to pray for safety as we travel. We have traveled hundreds of miles without incident. We asked you to pray for team unity. This team has been spectacular. We asked you to pray for a spiritual awakening in the lives of our students. We believe that the awakening has occurred. We asked you to pray for health. We have had no serious health issues, and those who have become ill have generally recovered within 24 hours. We asked you to pray for strength, and God has given us incredible strength.

This will be our last entry on the blog for this year. We appreciate all of the prayers, comments, support. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

See you tomorrow night at 10:00 at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Radio Kids

I just got word from Brian about who will be on the radio:
Derek Schell- Children's team
Matt Decker- Basketball team
Laura Stadler- Service team
Steph Snyder- Medical team
John Hann- Mime team
Be sure to listen in AM 980 at 5pm. Hopefully you can match the kids with the picture if you don't know them.

June 24 Devotion

Well I started this blog with giving you an idea of what the kids would be doing in their devotions and I thought you might like to see their final devotion. I think it will be really neat to hear their answers to these in the days to come.

June 24
Welcome home (or, almost anyway!). Before you get too wrapped up in the joys of traveling, unpacking, or storytelling, I want you to take at least a few minutes to reflect on the trip. Flip back in this lil’ booklet to June 11th, where you wrote down your expectations and anxieties (or, if you didn’t write them down, try hard to remember what they were).
Where did God exceed your expectations? In what ways did you see His faithfulness?
What disappointments did you face?
What is (at least!) one spiritual lesson that you’ve learned throughout the course of the trip that you don’t want to forget? Include even the details that you think you’ll always remember, because believe it or not, your memory may fade, but written stories are likely to encourage you later.
May you always continue to learn how to show love to God and your neighbor,
and may you daily live out the fruit of the spirit.

Pictures from Hueheutanango

I just got an email from Brian of recent pictures and thought I would pass them on. There are also more pictures up here at church if you go to the missions bulletin board- its located between the Great Room and the Kitchen near the coat racks. Feel free to stop by on Sunday and take a look.


I realized there were some students that hadn't gotten a picture up here so here is my attempt to get those up. I hope you enjoy.

In Their Own Words - June 22, 2006 (Part 2)

OCA Blog for June 22, 2006 (Part Two)

Today has been an awesome day getting back into ministry. The Children’s team went to two schools and an orphanage. We saw all ends of the social spectrum today. First we went to a large private school with about three hundred kids packed into their gym. They were very responsive and enthusiastic, and with their numbers just about blew our eardrums out. We stuck around afterwards waiting for the truck and the children who had cell phones (yes this was a slightly wealthier school than where we’ve usually been) took an excessive amount of pictures and others begged us for autographs. It was a bit embarrassing but hey, I guess now we know what stars feel like. Then we drove for a while out into the country side (got some gorgeous mountain shots…) to a school that was on the other side of the spectrum. We did our show in the courtyard in the center of their school rooms while a half starving dog wandered around and cows sang in the pastures around. It was a completely amazing area. After lunch we went to an orphanage and presented to a group of about fifty orphans. They were all so begging to be loved and drinking in all of our looks, words and smiles like sponges. They didn’t say a lot but you could just see in their beaming smiles that they were so grateful that we came. I’m torn, because I really want to come home, but I also want to minister to more schools and show them the love of Jesus. Well, one more day of that and then shopping, then homeward. Luv you all and thanks so much for your prayers! I’m feeling every one!
~Hannah Hunt

Hey! Okay so I have determined that I am adopting a Guatemalan child named Hannah. She’s the most adorable thing I have ever seen and absolutely fell in love with her!!! She fits into my arms perfectly and has a smile like an angel! The children’s team went to an orphanage today and all the children brought joy to our hearts! I really loved seeing their smiles. The view on the way to all of our sites today were absolutely amazing!! God really opened m heart today and showed me a new light I never thought possible!! I love children and can’t wait to work with more tomorrow. Thanks mom and dad for finally blogging me, I thought you had forgotten about me! Haha I appreciate the message and the prayers. I miss you both a ton and please come to the airport to greet me on Sunday!!! I love you both and I hope everything is going great at home! I can’t wait to share my stories with you soon! Much love & big hugs!!

Laura Molik

Hi everyone!
Mom, the bus home from the airport is for students whose parents don’t come to the airport, so if you come you can drive me home. It’d be great if you could smuggle Tank in too!!! Haha, just kidding. I showed my home stay some pictures last night and they loved the one of Tank! They thought he was the cutest thing ever! It was great to be back ministering again! The first school we went to was the biggest one so far. Actually, Mary just told me that there were approximately 400 students there!! Alicia chose to be show #1, so I thought I could just hang out with the kids because I’m involved with show #3. But, then she informed me that I was giving my testimony.....!!usually I would be freaking out even if it was one if the smaller schools, but I never became nervous. I truly think God calmed my heart, there’s no way I would have been clam in front of that many people with out Jesus. This morning at that big school was one of the coolest moments on the trip for me. As Hannah and Laura said earlier we were able to go to an orphanage today. It was awesome to get to spend some time with the kids and help out the people who run the orphanage. And to remind you all again listen to AM 980 at 5:00pm to hear Derek talk about Guatemala and Honduras!!! Love you all!!

Hi mom and dad we love you!

Josh and Rachel Patil

Hi mom and dad, it’s annika and jill…we are having the time of our lives and we are trying to decide whether or not we are coming home. We want you guys to come to the airport to pick us up so that we don’t have to ride the bus back to wooddale. Today was our first day in Huehuetenango. We set up a clinic about 45 minutes away and we had about 100 people go through. We love you lots and can’t wait to see you when we decide to come home.

Annika and Jill

Hola! iEs mi cumpleanos hoy! (today is my birthday! – BIRTHDAY FOR GOD!!!) yay! Well, today we had a service day and the medical team saw around 97 patients! It was a great day today; we went to a small village called Suculque, just outside of Huehuetenago and the weather was PERFECT! Not too hot, sunny, and a nice cold breeze! For the first time I wasn’t drenched with sweat in my scrubs! Tonight we went to a really great restaurant called Casa Blanca and the food was good! We also had fireworks, cake and an outside fiesta to celebrate josh, josh’s and my birthday! Tomorrow is our last service day and this trip is beginning to come to an end. FRIENDS.FAMILY.BOYFRIEND…blog me to tell me what you want when I go to Antiqua! (and who is picking me up at the airport??) Time to go!! LOVE YOU!!!!!


Heyyy this is Derek Schell! I’m a lot better than the last few days..! I ate food today! & I went with my group today…(children’s team) and we did a show in front of 400 kids!! It was crazy! All these little girls were running up to me and taking pictures and asking for my autograph (I was still a little sick so I wasn’t in the best mood, but I put on a smile). Then we drove up a really bumpy mountain road and got to a smaller school with about 40 kids. It was pretty neat! We did a total of 3 shows today and the last one was at an orphanage, all the kids were really cute and they sat in our laps and stuff… Laura wants to adopt one! haha..! yeahhh so I’m a lot better I drank a cup of coffee so I’m a little hyper. (Dad I’m going to buy you coffee for Fathers Day!!) [: ok well I’m missing Minnesota a lot! I can’t wait to be home in my own bed!

P.S. mom can you call Laura and have her come to the airport with you guys? Don’t make it awkward or ill have to kill you.. hhaha 952-201-8284

Ooo yah and I forgot!


Ok love you all sorry I wrote so much! Yah I’m a lot better! Ok I have to go peace I’m out!

Hey this is tp3 again just checkin in, I totally just had 6 cups of coffee during a coffee chugging contest in which I chugged the fastest, so needless to say…. Im super freakin hyper!!! Today has been awesome we had a 45 minute super bumpy bus ride to a church in which the service team completely painted inside and out. After that was done we returned to dinner and as we waited Bohemian Rhapsody came on!! We totally rocked out to it and my neck is super sore from head banging! We then proceeded to celebrate Josh and Natalia’s B-day with cake and none other than my favorite past-time… FIREWORKS!!!! The only problem is that I wasn’t allowed to get close to them because the leaders were responsible for me, but meh (too bad you weren’t here dad, that way I could have done some really stupid pyro stuff and you’de be like, hey have fun just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do) After that I proceeded to drink 6 cups of coffee and that on top of everything else was flippin sweet! Me and a couple other people started to recite, very poorly I might add, old 90’s songs. Mosty Backstreet Boys and Lion King but there were some others too! Its been so super fun and I cant wait to finish strong tomorrow! After that we’ll be done with only shopping to do! But that can wait… tomorrow is time for more painting!!! I love you all and will see you soon, peace out!!!!!!!


PS: Sibs if you want anything from Antigua you better email me at my gmail account by tomorrow afternoon because after that I wont be able to check the web probably so… yeah do that!

Hey everyone its Jordan Lilienthal. This is a little bit weird for me because my family is on the trip with me, but Brian said that I had to so here I am. Today was a really fun day. At the first school that the children’s team visited we had a audience of 400 or more kids. It was a lot of fun to see how the kids that were 6 or 7 had the same amount of fun as the kids who were 12 or 13. It was also really funny when the teenage girls thought that the boys on the team were the hottest thing around. The kids there also wanted our autographs! I believe that I signed at least 20 pieces of paper. My favorite memory so far on the trip happened today. At our last show we gave all the kids a present. There was this little girls who I had been trying to play with me. Once we gave out the presents she came running over to me to have me help her put on the makeup that she had gotten. I have really enjoyed this trip and have a lot more stories to tell.

Jordan Lilienthal

P.S. The Snyder’s if you are reading this if you come to the airport on Sunday please bring me a cold diet coke and if you are feeling really nice milk duds!

It's now Friday morning, and we are getting ready to begin our LAST day of ministry. I can´t believe that another year in Central America is coming to an end. I have been a youth pastor since 1993, and taken about a dozen mission trips with students. Never, ever, have I been so proud of a group of students as I have been of this year´s team. They have been stretched beyond their comfort zone both spiritually and physically, and have arisen to every challenge that has come their way. Be praying for a strong day of ministry. Tomorrow it´s off to Antigua and Sunday to Minnesota.

God bless,

Brian Schulenburg

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Radio interview on Friday at 5pm

Yes that's right - some of our kids will be interviewed on the radio tomorrow. Check out AM 980 at 5pm tomorrow (Friday) to here Jeff Schell interview Derek and Brian on how the trip is going. If time permits other kids will be on and there may be a chance for parents/supporters to call in and ask questions. It should be pretty neat-o so check it out. You can also check it out and listen on line at www.kkms.com
I couldn't post without adding another picture- this is one of my favorites of Dave Dahl being a bit silly with our friend Eddie.

Mayan Ruins pics

Hey its Sarah- I just got some pics from Brian of their times at the Mayan ruins. Enjoy. If you want you can enlarge a picture by clicking on it.

In Their Own Words - June 22, 2006

OCA Blog for June 22, 2006

Hey Mom, Dad and Sarah
Thanks for the comment! I am having a great time in Guatemala and Honduras was awesome too! We got to Huehuetenango last night and stayed our first night in our home stays. I’m in a house with six other girls which is pretty fun…our house is pretty nice but not nearly as nice as the homes in Honduras. The bed I slept on was basically a piece of wood and a sheet. There are four girls in one room and three more next door in the office. Breakfast today was at 7:00 in the morning and we had corn flakes, followed by toast, followed by eggs and beans which we eat almost every day. Its sweet here but I can’t wait to be home!

Miss you!
Love you!!!

Hi Mom and Dad
Everything is going great down here, we’re all having a lot of fun. We got back to Guatemala 2 days ago and came to Huehuetenango yesterday for our homestays. I’m at a house with a pastor who doesn’t speak any English but I’m doing better with speaking Spanish on this trip. Our first homestay in Honduras was great, we were with an English speaking woman who was really nice. This last weekend when we were in Copan we stopped at Pam’s place for a little bit. The house was amazing and I met 2 of the people that live with her when she’s down there. They were really cool people. Everything is great, I’m having a lot of fun and I’ll see you next weekend.
Love you

Hi Everybody!
How is everything back in Minnesota? Things here have been really great. I still have not gotten sick and I have only been bitten twice! We made it into Huehuetenango last night and got to our rooms. This time Im rooming with 3 other guys in a really nice house. However, we don’t have a translator and I am the only one who knows any Spanish sooo I have to try and translate everything and it is very difficult, but we made it.
So Jake, I hear you’re going to be gone when I get back, so I’ll let you know now that I have a present for you that I got in Honduras. I hope you and Steve have been getting along well and I hope you have a good time while you are gone. I’ll see you soon bud!

I love you and miss you all!
John Hann

I'm doing a little better this morning. i slept through most of the night, i only woke up once. Today im going with the rest of the team today. We are going to an orphanage. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I hope that by tomorrow im 100%.

Derek Schell

This is an exciting day for our team. It is the first day of ministry in our last city. For the first time in the history of OGES/OCA we will be visiting an orphanage. This will happen at 3 p.m. with our children´s team. We are also celebrating the birthdays of Natalia Hart and Josh Patil with a steak and chicken dinner, fireworks, and two huge birthday cakes tonight. Keep praying for the team to stay focused. Although, I think that they are really ready to begin ministry again after the r & r time in Copan and Guatemala City. We will leave for Antigua on Saturday morning, where the students will be able to shop to their heart´s content. Derek Schell was sick yesterday with a fever and throwing up. He is much better today, and very happy to be joining his team again. The kids have rallied around Derek. We laid hands on him and prayed for him as a team, and believe that God is answering our prayers. He has no fever today, and has kept his food down for over 24 hours now. God is good! Thanks for praying, parents. I can´t tell you how cool it has been to receive your encouraging comments on the blog. We copy and paste your comments into a word document, and bring it to the kids at a meal each day. They all ask if their parents left a comment, and get so excited when you do. You parents, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, relatives, etc. have done an incredible job encouraging our team. And, your prayer has made a huge difference more than once on this team. God bless you! We´ll see you Sunday.

Brian Schulenburg

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pick up at Airport

Greetings parents and friends- I am sure you have all started to count down the days until your kids come home. I just wanted to give you the details for their arrival to MSP.
They will be flying on Continental (from Guatemala City to Houston on flight 459 and from Houston to MSP on flight 616) Feel free to follow their progress on www.continental.com . It will give you their actual take off times and estimated arrival times - just in case they get delayed. I invite all of you to greet them at the airport - I plan to be there about 10 minutes prior to arrival. I am bringing a sign and lots of hugs. The DC kids/staff will be getting back from their week in DC that night as well around 9:30. Kids can ride home with their parents but there will also be transportation back to Wooddale. I know they will be all very excited to see you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me- Sarah Bancroft 952-807-5885. Otherwise see you on Sunday night.

In Their Own Words - June 21, 2006

June 21, 2006

Hola everyone! Thank you family for sending me some blogs! I am still waiting to hear from my friends and boyfriend!..hint hint.. I am excited for tomorrow
because it’s going to be my BiRtHdAy!! Yay! I think we are going to have a fiesta tomorrow for me and Josh’s birthday. Josh is hoping for a new car, and I am hoping for amps in my car! J We go to Antigua soon to go shopping so I really need to hear from all of you about what I should get you while I am here!! Right now we are at the Chichoy restaurant outside of Guatemala City, Guatemala and I hear that we get to have STEAK for lunch!! Its time for me to eat now~ love you all


Dear mommy and pappi,
I miss you both so incredibly much, I cant wait to see you guys next Sunday! We just left Guatemala city this morning and we are headed off to Huehuetenango next! It is supposed to be very cold in the next city because of its altitude in the mountains. It’s a travel day and we are stopped at chichoy’s restaurant and are going to eat some steak I am so excited! Hope you guys are having fun in minnesoooooooooooooooooootah! Ciao!

Josh, Brown boy, Patil

Greetings from Guatemala! We are enroute to our third city, currently awaiting our steak lunch. Overall we are doing well. Several have colds, including myself. Very few of those with nausea and/or diarrhea have been ill to the point of requiring antibiotics. Derek was started on an antibiotic today. All but one are now fully participating in the activities. We are heading into the mountains which should help those who struggle with the intense heat and humidity. A few of the kids have already put on sweatshirts. Please continue to pray for us. We love all of you and are so appreciative of your love and prayers.

(Diane, I read your note a few days ago. Yes, we have continued to buy medicine in each city. Pray for us as we will have two doctors and probably fewer translators than in the past. We are going to an area where up to seven dialects may be spoken. I anticipate this may stress the medical intake team a little.)

(Kyle, please share the blog with Cameron and Colin.)

Love to all,
Kerry Fox

Hey family and friends,
Its Amy Heinz and we are in a restaurant as you have heard. I wanted to share with you the experience we had last night. We were on the roof of the seminary having our team leaders share their testimonies. The sun was setting. There were volcanoes all around us even one that is active. We were right in the middle of the city. It was absolutely beautiful. The testimonies were really interesting to hear. After the testimonies, Brian asked us to raise our hands so we are praying for all of the city and country. This was an incredible moment for me. Just seeing the city lights and how many people are in that city. The translators tell us there are 3 million people that live in Guatemala City. Chris Erickson shared his testimony and mentioned for us to look around and we are like the city lights in the world and the people we need to reach are the spots where there aren’t any lights. Lights were all around in different areas. We are the light of God to reach the people all around the world. So next time you are in a city or flying into a city on an airplane, look out and remember that we are the city lights in this world. Thanks for all the prayers!! Please continue to pray.
Amy Heinz

It’s Andy Frost Here to give an update on my experiences in the past few days. Things seem to be back normal for me… finally. I have my guitar on the bus right now and it feels amazing to have it back in my possession. For those who didn’t hear it was lost on the plane ride and came late on a flight. I got it today right before we left Guatemala City. Jaime has been letting me use his guitar that is missing a string and only stays in tune for roughly a minute. You could say I made a major upgrade today. AND my clothes are all dry now! A pipe burst and soaked my bag when we were in Honduras. Some of them still carry a distinguished odor that I still have not conjured up a word for. But don’t worry I wear them anyways… which describes why not too many people are sitting around me right now. R&R was amazing, mostly because children’s team had their group meetings in the hot tub. And at the hotel they had all this pop in glass bottles for really, really cheap. So when Matt Decker and I had al this Honduran money that we wouldn’t be able to exchange back in Guatemala we went and bought all the pop we could (Around 15 dollars worth) and drank them as fast as we could before we headed off on the bus. The past two travel days have given us a little time to readjust to our crazy schedules. Well it’s time to eat. Thank you all for your support and keep the comments coming here on the blog, its pretty cool to hear what you have to say. See yall in 4 days!

Andy Frost

Hola!! Its Christel Here!

So far this trip has been wonderful… the different experiences I had in Campur and Siguatepaque were incredible… Ps.. Honduras was incredible! And mom I was in home stay with people who only spoke Spanish… I struggled but it was fun. I feel like all we have been doing the past four days or so was just driving and relaxing. I think im ready for these next two days to put my all into it. But everyone…please pray for the sick people… whether it just a headache or stomach ache… pray for healing so we can totally work it these next few days! Mom and dad… I miss you obviously. Imagine how much I want my bed now…. Ah I just want my comforter and to sleep in until 3 in the afternoon…. But anyways…were eating lunch right now half-way to wewetenango or however you spell it. We have a new homestay for the next two nights…so that should be fun. Cya later!
Christel Lee


Hi Everyone!
Its Katelyn and Rachel… We finally decided to blog after one and a half weeks. Secretly, we don’t really know how to blog. Right now we are sitting inside of a Guatemalan restaurant surrounded by natives. WOO HOO! R and R time was OFF THE HOOK!! We got to go shopping (But I just bought ice cream and explored –rachel)! Dad, I got you something – katelyn. Now we are in our way to our next home stays and are pretty pumped. We loved our host families in Honduras and cant wait to meet our new ones. I played UNO and SPOONS way into the night at my last one – Rachel and I really enjoyed using my Spanish with Edgar – Katelyn! We have two more days of ministry and we cant wait to get back to work. The Clinics have been awesome to be able to meet people’s physical needs. We are now going to give you an example of a usual intake:

Hola! Como se llama? Dominga Maria Sanchez Xol Caal
Hi! What’s your name? Dominga Maria Sanchez Xol Caal

Porque esta aqui? Me duele mi estomago, cabeza, tos, y fiebre
Why are you here? My head and stomach hurt, I have a
Cough and a fever.

Cuantas veces haces pipi and popo cada dia? Pipi – 5 y popo 10
How many times do you pee and poop everyday? Pee – 5 and poop – 10

Tiene Diarrea? Si
Do you have Diarrea? Yes

Le sale sangre? Si
With blood? Yes

Le duele? Si
With pain? Yes

Con lombrices? Si Si Si
With worms? Yes Yes Yes

Voy a tomarle la presion. OK.
I’m going to take your blood pressure. OK.

Voy a tomarle la temperatura. OK.
I’m going to take your temperature. OK.

Voy a tomarle el pulso. OK.
I’m going to take your pulse. OK

Yeah, that’s generally one. Everyone’s got worms here. But, we’re healing them. So, that’s cool. So, that’s all for now. We’re really good at blogging. Bye.

Katelyn and Rachel
The Most Talented Doctors on the Medical Team. Yeah, that’s right, we said Doctors. Don’t even think about calling us nurses because we’re girls. Girl power! Power to the women! Peace to the homegirls! Flower power!

p.s. Mom and Dad, can you please write me a blog comment? From Katelyn.

Hey Everyone! This is Vinesha and Kenzie!
We are on our way to our last mission city in Huehuetenago, Guatemala. We were sad to leave the hotel with the pool, the hot showers, great food, and Honduras—we loved Honduras!! So far we both decided that it was our favorite place so far. But after 2 long days on the busses we’re soooo ready to get settled with our host families and go back to working with our teams. Yesterday we arrived at the seminary and had lots of time to hang out. Vin and I decided to bust out our sleeping bags and we took a long nap outside. It was perfect weather—the first day we were not sweating to death!! We contemplated sleeping on the roof, but decided that it was too cold for us!! Please pray for the sick people and also for those who are distracted. Please pray that as a team we can stay positive and not let satan bring down the team with negative attitudes. Pray that our Spanish skills are awesome with this next home stay. We love you all!
Vinesha and Mackenzie


This is Matt Decker here to do my first and probably my only serious blog of the whole trip. I haven’t done any actual work since Saturday, so that’s a definite plus. We stayed overnight last night in the Seminary in Guatemala City, and Drove 6 hours. We are currently in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This is where we will have our last set of homestays, and do our final 2 full ministry days. It’s weird to think that I’ll be coming home in only a few short days. MOM- wow, I’m really proud that you found your way to the blog. That’s VERY impressive. I hope everyone is having a blast at Bonnie Beach, and that the weather is great. TIA- If my voicemail made it all 2,000 or however many miles, then you BETTER be reading this. I hope you’re having an amazing week!

God Bless, and I love you all!!!!


Pictures take 2

Here are som pictures from the second stop on our trip. mostly from Siguatepeque- Honduras.
Sarah and Megan before church service.
Christel got attacked with face paint.
Kelsey and Josh played guitar with kids.
Childrens team being swarmed by kids at a performance
Basketball boys with a pick up game with kids in Campur.
Claire C and Kristina Baker love puppet shows.

In Their Own Words - June 20th

June 20, 2006

Hi! Today we left Copan, Honduras and took a 6 hour bus ride to Guatemala City, Guatemala. The bus trip was long, but Dramamine really helps because then you can sleep the entire time! Tomorrow we get to sleep in and then we are traveling for a another 8 hours to Huehuetenago, Guatemala. Once we get there, I hear we get to eat at this really awesome restaurant and then we will have our home-stays. Okay! Send me some blogs!! Love you all!


Hey everyone its Amy! So this trip has been amazing. There have been some hard times and some great times. One way God has moved through my heart is by God revealing in my heart my passion and purpose in my life. We went to a medical clinic where Patricks sister works at. I really felt God was calling me to do something similar. I started thinking I should maybe take some classes in college about nutrition. And God has revealed that the desires of my heart is to be here in Central America. I have completely fallen in love with everything all around me, the people, the food, the language, the mountains, the trees, GOD… it all has an impact on my heart. I don’t know what God will do with my life but I will continue to trust in Him. I know this wont be my last trip here to Guatemala and or Central America. I was talking with a leader today and she was telling me while we were preparing for this trip she was praying a lot that God would change and reveal Himself to at least one student. She said that God has answered her prayers through me. She can see that God has been moving through me throughout this trip. He has. Well I should let other people use this. Continue to pray for us with safety, health, and that God will continue to do wonderful things through us. THANKS!
P.S. Mom and Dad have you heard anything from the doctors? Don’t worry I have been doing well and been trying to get a lot of sleep….
In Him,

HOLAA HOLLA mis amigos

So, Laura, Dave and myself (Lindsey) are here in the b e a utiful Guatemala City. Today we left the incredible edible city of Copan (where we saw big, old rocks sometimes referred to as ruins, also which dave the great played hacky sack on top of) anyways I (Dave) just took the keyboard away from Lindsey cause she is incapable of getting this done in under 5 hours. So Copan was awesome, we played some epic volleyball and softball game and Lindsey wants to say shes getting better at volleyball. We all but especially Lindsey and Laura want to make the biggest shout out ever to Ms. Erin Elizabeth Brucks (hows the man doin¿) that’s pretty sweet I guess. Also, I need to make a tremendous shout out to Ryan and Ben who are probably hanging out with my mom even though Im not there. Laura and Lindsey say hi too. Laura has been whining day and night about her parents (STEVE and KAY) not blogging so maybe someone can call them (SUE and/or DIANE). Tomorrow we are heading off to the third city (you can find out what its called cause I cant spell). We are being summoned to play catch phrase so peace out home slices.

Love you ALLLLL,

Laurra!!!!!! Daveee,,, and Lin * Z (that ones for you jill ann if youre reading this)

P.S. mom(Sue) this is for you: do the pineapples at home have a hard core in the middle? Its very urgent as we believe it doesn’t buuut everyone else is telling us we are completely mistaken… love you

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

Hello parents, friends and supporters. This is Sarah Bancroft (suki). I made it back from Honduras this morning and am back at Wooddale at work. I have a full CD of pictures so I will try to put as many up over the next few days as I can. I am so proud of this team they are doing so great. The above pictures are from our first stop- Campur. Coach Healy with future basketball competition, Josh and Rachel Patil, Bret Fox with 2 new friends, Laura Wollan, Kelsey Bohleen, Jill Tebbe and Annika Johnson all hanging out in the pharmacia, one of the houses built and carpenters- team includes Russ Lillienthal, Laura Stadler, Chris Franz, Matt Volenec, Ryan Kitchen and Vinesha Devandran.

Brian- Please tell Jaimie, William and Eddy that I made it home safely. I spent an extra night in Houston due to some storms but all worked out. Tell William and Eddy I say Hi and thanks for making sure I made it through security. Much love to all the kids. Can't wait to see you in a few. Oh and I took care of your POC shift for Thursday and I hope to get the cards to Cyndi and kids tomorrow at VBS.

Monday, June 19, 2006

In Their Own Words - June 19th

June 19, 2006

Hi mom you told me to write so here it is. I hope dad had a good father´s day. I left his card on my desk. Basketball is going well, c ya next week ---- Aaron Rask

Hola! Ok I´m leaving another comment. One specific reason - to inform my parental unit that they can comment back!! Wink wink . . . so we are in Honduras and at our R & R place - it´s been greatly appreciated! The last work day (Saturday) was kinda rough just because of the lack of energy and sleep. So this was perfect. And yay medical team who actually got to be outside and feel the sun - since we are always in buildings, while everyone else is beautifully tanning their skin. So jealous! I´m excited for our last two work days . . . I really love doing this! It´s actually made me consider becoming a nurse (mom ya hear that? Me a nurse!) wow we´ll see. I hope everyone is doing fantabulous and Happy Father´s Day Dad - sorry I missed it again (it´s what? Only been the 3rd year in a row now) but u know I love you! Please continue to keep us in your prayers especially with health, because it´s really hard to cope with being sick.

Oh, Breanna - I hope your dramas and crazy activities are going great and that you´re not too stressed out! Take it easy girl and remember why you do it - Cuz you love it!!

Gracias Amigos!
Kelsey Bohleen

¡Hola! Today we had R & R! It was ReAlLy fun! We went to the Mayan ruins, ate lunch at a fun place downtown Copan and went SHOPPING! AHH, the joy of shopping and bargaining with people! Family and friends . . . if you want something then send me a blog saying what I should get you! We also had two games of volleyball and a game of softball! Our team won 34-32 and bryan had 3 homeruns too . . . it was really fun! Everyone should send some more blogs! I want to see what your up to and how EP is going. Well I am going to go! Love you all!


HEY! WE are having an AWESOME time . . . lovin the R & R time . . . and before that we were constantly in costume and white make-up . . . but the results of the performances were cool to see as many people accepted Christ. We (teresa and amy) were on national Honduran television . . . advertising our mime on the most watched station in the city! Our mime team also got to go to the caves (with basketball) in Campur . . . and no one else did! Today we went to the mayan ruins . . . SOO cool . . . accept Amy sacrificed Teresa . . . so tell her family she died well.;) (We´ll show you the pic later). Megan had a good time . . . despite her insistence that she wouldn´t. The pool at this hotel is GLORIOUS, and we spent most of the day in there playing with Frisbees and the suction hole at the bottom of the pool. Right now it´s past our bedtime so we have to go before Brian get´s angry. Love ya and see youin 6 days!
Megan, Amy and Teresa (aka mime girls)

Hello to all you blog crazy fans!!! We all know you can´t get enough of the Frost/Decker/Swanson combo, we´re SOOO COOL!!!! Currently reporting from the 7 star all-inclusive, elvis-hosting Copan Resort, here in Gorgeous Honduras. We´re drinking scrumptioulescent ice cold sprite and coke out of GLASS BOTTLES! And owning noobs in the softball/beach volleyball games today. Brian reportedly hit 12 homeruns today and 1 grand slameroony. But we all know better than the oh so modest Brian he probably had eleventy billion or threive trillion. Also stargazing was most the most amazing last night and yelling stories of almost getting shot and Chuck Norris dominance over anyone who opposes the most feared Walker Texas Ranger. Then the darling Matthais ¨The extreme Gringo¨dexter jumped out of a second story window, flailing into the swimming pool (ON CAMERA!) - Andy here to tell you a sad little tale . . . We get off the plane in Guatemala city and I have no guitar coming off the baggage truck. I was way angered at Continental Airlines! But now it´s waiting for me in the position of some of our friends back in the city. But being without a guitar for this whole time has been hard. THEN a pipe burst in our home stay and poured all over my bag and all my clothes were soaked. But after some time they have all dried and everything is back to normal around here. From all three of us we wish you all the best of blog reading and we enjoy all your support here on the blog, leave us comments back to help inspire us on this amazing trip. Love to you all . . . some of you more than others (WORD TO OUR MOTHERS!)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 17-18 - In Their Own Words

OCA Blog for June 17-18, 2006

Hey everyone this is Nolan and Aaron. The day started off after a good night, we won our basketball game against the Honduras All Stars, where Dave Dahl had a phenomenal 20 points, Aaron worked it down low going to the line a ton and ending with 15 points and Nolan ended with 8.
This morning we woke up at 7:30 and headed to the Church. We ended up working with concrete, finishing up a sidewalk that was started yesterday. We finished half of the sidewalk today. We are looking forward to the game tonight at 4 in the scorching sun, and also sinking our teeth into a triple classic at Wendy’s tonight for dinner. We are having a great time here and are looking forward to telling all the stories when we get home. Hi mom-Aaron…….Hi Mom-Nolan (and Dad----Nolan and Aaron).

Hola everybody this is John Hann. The whole trip has been great and today, so far, is no exception. The mime team has not performed yet today, it’s about 1 now, but we will perform a little later on. We did get to hang out with the medical team and the childrens team today. That was pretty fun, we didn’t do much but we got some really good team bonding time in. We ate a fresh lime too, it was muy delicioso.
Well, I need to go, but I hope everything and everyone is well back home, and I wish dad a very happy fathers day!

Just a quick note to tell you that your kids are great. I can’t begin to tell you about how amazing they have been- great attitudes, a heart to serve, and joy to spread the word of God. I wish I could tell you personally how great they are.
I’m starting to feel a little sad that I won’t be spending the 2nd week with them. But I know I will be one of the first at the airport on Sunday ready to welcome them home with hugs (and probably tears). I leave on early Monday and it will be hard to say goodbye to the wonderful locals that we work with here. I think I have been most impressed with our bball boys- today I realized that they have spent more time in ministry serving than they have playing basketball. What amazes me is that they are so willing to do whatever needs to be done. These guys are just amazing to be around. God did such an amazing thing by putting them together this year and every student on this trip. Today I stayed at the church with BBall as they worked on projects. Half the team worked on a cement floor while the other half cleaned windows, painted, cut the lawn with a machete and picked up garbage. I didn’t here one complaint. They were just so willing to serve.
There are currently 2 sick students. Are you wondering how they are or what they do during the day. Well Annika Johnson and Laura Stadler are staying at the hotel. Megan Hamilton has been with them during the day/night and watching after them with meals, monitoring medicine and just being a friend/mom to them. They are getting better and it sounds like Laura will make it to dinner tonight and we expect Annika to be coming to church tomorrow. We are taking good care of them – They are even getting some special stuff like cold water to drink and extra TLC from Megan. Megan has been such a blessing to me and others on this trip. It’s so great to see a student go from student leader to leader. I hope that in years to come some of these kids can be a leader on this trip and see for themselves just how rewarding it is to serve in this capacity. I am truly blessed and am thankful for all supporters, friends and family. Brian and Tim have also been just a great joy to be around and I know they both are excited to see family back home but yet will be sad to leave here in many ways.
Thanks to the menefees for the wonderful note to me and the rest of the leaders. I have it in my bible and it lifts me up whenever I come across it.
I wish I had a Chinese proverb for you mom and dad but I will just let everyone reflect on our team verse for the year Psalm 100:5 For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation.


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Laura did make it to dinner on Saturday night and is feeling just fine now. Annika was sick for two days and is better today. In fact, as of Sunday afternoon we do not have one sick student or staff member. Praise the Lord that everyone is well as we head off for some R & R!)

Hi everyone, this is Andrew Loo, one of the OCA leaders.
So how was my Saturday you ask? Be prepared to read one of the longest entries on this trip. You’ll laugh, cry, and you’ll want to pray even harder for us on the trip.
The day started out at 7:30 am, a great breakfast of scrambled eggs and black bean puree. Then finally the first not-freezing shower in a week! The day continued perfectly while we, the service team, built wooden beds at the place where 13 other guys and I were staying. 12 pm rolls around and Jaime Lopez comes by to check on our progress. He sees that the work is finished and agrees to take us back to the church, but first he needed to go around the corner to pick up the bag lunches for the rest of the team.
Matt Volenec wasn’t feeling well, so for part of the morning he was taking a nap in the house. When he woke up, he was in disbelief because at that moment a water pipe had burst, and water from the ceiling was pouring on the floor. At least 10 other guys were staying on that floor of the house, so everything had to be moved. Unfortunately, Andy Frost’s bag was right under the torrential waterfall, so most of his stuff got wet.
As usual, plans changed and the service team was back in action with only several towels and buckets to clear out at least 3 inches of water off the floor. During the cleanup I had told Eddy, one of the drivers to come back in about 2 hours to pick us up, he agreed and left us several bag lunches for us to eat at the house.
About an hour and a half later, the owner of the house, his wife, and the team finished drying everything. The goal was accomplished and we were waiting for the next job but no one came back to pick us up.
I felt completely useless because there was nothing to do around the house. At 4pm one of the service team leaders asked me if I could understand how to use their cell phone which was in Spanish, that they had borrowed in case of an emergency. My hopes for transportation were high until the operator said that all of the numbers that were in the speed dial were incorrect. I was disappointed but I tried my hardest to stay positive.
Finally at 5 we were picked up and taken to Wendy’s (yes…Wendy’s) where we met the rest of the team for dinner.
Matt was still feeling pretty badly with a temperature and an upset stomach but we couldn’t leave him alone in the house.
At Wendy’s, Brian decided to have me accompany Matt back to the house.
On the way back to the house, we thought it would be a good idea to get some soup for Matt because large fries and a frosty aren’t exactly the best remedy at that point. At the gas station we bought a box of cup noodles but after we paid for it the guy said that they didn’t have hot water.
We then drove 10 minutes to the church we were working at because they had a kitchen but it took them over 30 minutes to boil the water for us. Finally we thought that we could go back to the house and get a chance to rest but when we arrived there at about 8, the door to the house was locked and neither of us had a key. The driver and I both had cell phones but the calls just didn’t go through. Luckily the owner of the house lived several blocks away so we drove to the house but no one was home.
Feeling desperate, tired, and frustrated, we went back to the house to try one more time just to make sure that the door was locked. This was one of those times that when something isn’t working and you get someone to help you, magically it’s fixed all by itself and you fell like an idiot. Well it was certainly locked so we went back to the car to try to call someone. 20 minutes later the owner drove up to our car and told us that he forgot to give us the key. He opened the door and left the copy on the counter. Matt and I were grateful for his help and went back to the car to get our stuff. On the way back into the house, the door closes on its own and is again locked from the outside.
We basically stood there stupefied because our day obviously wasn’t long enough. I had Matt stay at the house while I went back to get the other key. During that time, Matt tried to open the door but to no avail.
About 10 min later, I had the owner come to the house in hopes of finally getting some rest and what do you think happens? He turns the knob and opens the door without using the key at all. We felt so stupid…
So that was my adventure through Siguatepeque, Honduras on Saturday June 17, 2006.
Matt is doing fine now and we are all looking forward to R & R on Sunday.
“What did I learn today?” you ask.
Well I learned that quite possibly, God was trying to teach me patience, improve my leadership skills, and quite plainly, he was giving the Service team an afternoon of quiet time to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big group.
I can honestly say that this day is an easy candidate for one of my most difficult days in Central America, but it surely was a day were I learned about myself, being a leader, my teammates, and the ways that God works in my and everyone else’s life.
If I think about what happened today, it’s strange to realize that if Matt wasn’t feeling sick and wasn’t sleeping near to where the water was leaking, there could have been a much MUCH more serious problem with the leak if we had left at 12 and came back nine hours later.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Greg Krech

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there to give you a hug but this is the best I can do… I hope your day was wonderful and I will make it up to you! This trip has been amazing, I have learned so very much. One week until I fly home, then I will share all of my stories. I am alive as you can read but I have had many adventures. Tonight we are at a hotel and its very comfy…. THERES A POOL!!! I have been able to meet many interesting and kind people from Guatemala and on from Minnesota. We have worked very hard and I’m ready to start the yard work at our new house I CAN POUR CEMENT and I can Synch like a pro!! It’s pretty sweet. I love you both very much and hope all is well! And Dad happy Fathers Day!!


Laura Stadler

Hey! This is Steph!
Today is our first day of rest and I am loving it. We just got done working for two days which were amazing! We saw over 300 people at the medical clinic and we survived the toilet flooding! I am not talking about a little spill I am talking about a major over flow. It took over 3 rooms and we had to walk though all the waste. It was gross, so if you have a child on the medical team doesn’t let them bring their shoes home! I am excited to get refreshed and start working again. We may complain at times but we all love it. The medical team works all day and it is stressful but even though all of that we want to work even later in to the night to help as many people as we can, but we can’t do that. So if you could pray for us for keeping stress low that would be great! Thanks!

~Steph Snyder

p.s. Happy father’s day dad! And I got dibs on the car when I get home!

Hey everyone, it’s Matt Volenec,
I figured I had to write because yesterday was absolutely wild. (Happy Fathers Day dad! How’s the gluten free toast?) Honestly I don’t even know where to start. Andrew did a pretty good job of covering everything above, but I figured I’d put a more positive spin on the events of the day ;-)
I’m on service team, and yesterday we happened to be working in the house I was doing my homestay at. We spent most of the morning putting together bunkbeds for this place – getting it set up as a seminary. Mid-morning I startred feeling a bit sick -- just that general food poisoning that some seem to be getting. (Don’t worry mom, I’m felling much better now.) Anyway, after we finished with the bunkbeds I decided to go lay down since I’d been living there and all my things were upstairs. I got some rest and the guys woke me up in time to leave for lunch. As I got dressed and got my things together the others waited outside for our ride. When I left my bedroom I was completely stunned to see a torrent of water raining down from the ceiling tiles in the hall. I was pretty confused because I had just woke up… I didn’t understand if it was raining outside or what was going on. It took about 5 minutes before the we found out a pipe had burst, and there was already almost 3 inches of standing water on our floor. Anyway, just one more way God can use the bad for good… If I wasn’t sick I’m pretty sure the whole house would have been ruined.
Thanks for all your support and prayers!

Dear Joe,
Happy Fathers Day!!
Love, Claire

Greetings from Honduras! It is gorgeous here and the hot showers are to die for!!! This is day one of our recharging time, before we head to our next service city. Please pray that the Lord will work in a mighty way while we prepare for what He has for us when we return to Guatemala. Oh the stories the medical team could tell. Reporting them here would not due them justice. We have provided services for approximately 130 people per day. We have had to buy additional medication a few times.

We have an amazing God who is doing amazing things in us and through us. We have been able to give needed medication and have had the joy of teaching and praying with each person. Each team member has become proficient in taking histories, vital signs and filling prescriptions. The people are so grateful. We leave at the end of each day feeling tired but grateful for the opportunity God provides to be His hands and feet. They are giving us far more than what we feel we give them. Please know that the team members are growing in ways they didn’t anticipate, and it’s exciting to see. They are a joy to me and I’m so proud of them.

Thanks, Kyle, for managing the internship and the boys at night which allowed the three of us to go on this fabulous trip together. We love you and are praying for you as you teach in Brian’s absence. We love you Kyle, Cameron and Colin!!!


Mom, Dad and Bret

Hey family and friends!
I am having an awesome time here! Our medical team has seen over 530 patients so far, and it has been an awesome experience! God has definitely been doing some awesome things over this trip for the EnTirE team! Being here has really been life changing and it is helping me to see life in a completely different perspective. Well I love you all and I miss you! LOVE YOU!!


I MISS YOU GARRETT!!! Can’t wait to see you!!

Hey this is Tp3 just checkin in to say wazzup!! Its been an awesome week so far. From building houses in the rainforest to breakin up concrete in Siguatepeque, its been sweet. We’ve seen God work in amazing ways and we’ve been building great unity within the team. Hope everyone in the states is well and we’ll see you all soon!


Hey everyone back home, it’s me!!!! Vinesha. Well I’m sure my dad wont check this because he and the internet aren’t friends, but Happy Fathers day!!!!! I miss all you guys. Honduras is absolutely amazing, I love it more than Guatemala, I think I’m in love, thanks Ty for leaving all those msgs… I technically haven’t read any of them yet, but I think I got the idea, I’m sure I could guess what you were saying, you still have one more week! HAHA It seems like we’ve been here forever already, ok well I’ll talk to you all later, I’m taking lots of pictures. Ok love you all bye

This is Ryan Flynn saying hello
Today we said goodbye to Siguatepeque after two wonderful days of ministry. We traveled to our rest and relaxation destination, a hotel in Copan, Honduras. Happy fathers day Dad. I love and miss you all.
Ryan Flynn

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! This is Jill and Alli and we just wanted to tell everyone at home that we miss you all and we are having lots of fun in Honduras! We just got to our R and R hotel and went swimming and had nice HOT showers!! Tomorrow we are going to the Copan Ruins. We have two more work days in Huehuetenago and are looking forward to it! We have lots of pictures and stories to share with all of you when we get home! Love you all! Can’t wait to hear from you!!
Love, Alli and Jill

Happy happy happy fathers day! Hi mom and dad! How was your fathers day? I hope all is well, I’m sure youre doing just fine without your baby girl. You’re probably doing all fun things and eating nummy food.. I’m currently craving sweet potato fries.. keep that in mind por favor(please) so mom, in the medical clinic I have seen A TON of worms, worms IN people. Ive also seen malnutrition, colds, and not one but TWO surgeries.. I got to open some packages and “assist” the doctors it was saweet.. At one of the clinics the toilet overflow, poop pee water alllll over, it was crazy. Little girls without shoes trying to help. All the people have been so thankful for our helping them.. In campur all the old ladies would hug and kiss you, it was very, let’s say, touching. Right now I’m havin’ some R&R in a very very nice hotel. I’ve realized I really like your cleanliness mom by being in campur. I can’t wait to come home, drink a glass of water out of the faucet, sleep in my cushy bed, and shower without flipflops. I’ve realized it’s the little things I’ve been taking advantage of. Anyways, keep me and my team in your prayers, keep trixie happy and have a good day! I LOVE YOU!

Love, Linds

Hey Hey!!
HappY FATHERS DaYJ I hope that things back at home are going good! Tell Erika I say hi and that I hope shes having fun w/out me…were currently are in a very very nice hotel for R&R day in Honduras. We got to go swimming today! Finally, a shower without buckets and that has heated water! The medical team that I am on is such a great experience. All of my friends are on it and it definitely has some good laughs. My Spanish is getting pretty darn good! I have so much to tell u guys from our host family to the long bus rides so I cant wait to see u all on Sunday night. Their treating us Very well just to let u know! Luv u all and miss u!


Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 16-17 - In Their Own Words

OCA Blog for June 16-17, 2006

Well, we’ve made it to Honduras and spent a glorious night in actual beds in a very nice house. My home stay family is a pastor and his wife and four children whose ages range from thirteen to twenty. Today we did a presentation in a park, where, when we got there, there were only a handful of kids. The basketball team went around door to door to gather kids and get them to come watch our show and the mime. At the end of the presentation we had gathered about 80 kids and 20 parents that all heard the Gospel message in mime and in Spanish. We then traveled to a school in a very rural area. It was a very poor school with a pretty beat up basketball court. We’ve all agreed to chip in a bit of our spending money in order to get this school a new basketball court. We put up our speakers and started blaring music. We played and danced around with some of the kids while the basketball team taught a small basketball clinic. We now have two sick members of our team, Annika Johnson and Laura Stadler, who we pray will get better soon as they are spending their days locked in a hotel room. I got to switch home stays in order to fill the void that Laura left, so last night (Friday night) I spent with a new family of a woman and her twenty-seven year old son. I’m getting a little frustrated by my lack of ability to speak or understand much Spanish, so I would ask for prayer for the language barrier of the whole team. Mom & Dad, hope you had fun in Chicago, and if this gets posted before Sakura leaves, tell her goodbye and I hope to e-mail her once I get back. Trav & Diamie, hope you had a blast at the PQs and I can’t wait to see all of you in a week. Luv ya! Hannah

Hey!!!!!!!! Its Laura W here and we’re in Honduras!!! We started our home stays and it absolutely amazing to sleep on beds and have warm showers. Yesterday at the medical clinic it was quite an interesting day… one of the toilets overflowed so we pretty much had poop water all over, on top of all the kids throwing up, haha I’m so surprised we’re not all sick. We got to watch the boys play basketball last night and it was so much fun, they won against a bunch of um really big boys. Tonight we get to eat dinner at wendys and I’ve never been more excited to have a frosty. It has been so amazing to see what god has done on this trip in spite of some minor set backs. I am soooo excited for the rest of this trip, it had been absolutely amazing!! Well gotta get goin so adios amigos!!!! O yeah! Mom and Dad I want you to know that I slept with the cockroaches it was so gross but ya know we got through it. Love all of you!!

-Laura Wollan

Hey Mom and Dad!!! It’s josh patil here! We are in Honduras right now, we came here 2 days ago and we have been having so much fun, and impacting this area so much. Home stays are so cool, I got blessed with a very good family! I am staying with Derek schell and Patrick menefee and where we are staying we have a big pit bull dog which is so much fun to play with. I miss you guys a lot and I cant wait to see you when we get back on Sunday! I hope you guys are having fun in Minnesota!!!

-Josh Patil

Mommy and Daddy!!!! Its Christel! I miss you guys! Mom, your not gonna believe the bugs that were in Guatemala! Ewwey! And by the way, I didn’t write earlier cuz I had no idea you knew how to use the internet!! You didn’t even know what a blog was two weeks ago until I tried to explain it to you! But I heard you were reading it! And no I only bumped my head once…don’t worry! Ive been sweating a ton…whats new… and im getting hairy again… but whats new with that either. We are staying in a homestay right now, me and amy powell, yah…they don’t speak English! It is actually quite funny watching me put my little Spanish knowledge to use! But its fun! AHhh seriously parentals… I just love this! We are working with so many kids everyday and performing and loving and its so great seeing how God is changing me and my attitude everyday. I love all that we are doing here! But I miss you guys more…and mommy sorry I didn’t clean my room before I left, but can you clean it for when I get home? Hehe : ) I want to feel clean and not messy! Thanks mommy…. Well its someone else’s turn to write so I must go… And happy fathers day daddy! I don’t know if ill be able to talk to you tomorrow! I love you both so much!!

-Christel Lee

Hola Hola Minnesnowtans! This be Lindsey Rachel Nicholson… I’ve been meaning to write for a very long time but the first time it didn’t work, but mom and dad you’ll love what I got to do.. myspace.. anyways campur was way different than I expected. There were people living on top of people with trash everywhere. I have to go RIGHT now my bus is leaving but Ill come back later and the campur people were really beautiful and loving even though they didn’t have a lot.. it really made me thankful so ill be back but for now tata

Love, Lindsey


I’m so warm/hot/on fire but these intense days of work are riveting to the soul and the body…..showering feels soooo good. We had the basketball game of the century yesterday night. It was a night game and the lights turned on in the second quarter, Wooddale down 3-15, it started out in the first with them basically wasting us and then we had the open shots but no one could sink them. The second quarter looked better sinking at least 186788939% more of our shots and D1 Rask got fouled any time he was under the basket so he had plenty of foul shots. We then took 24-23 halftime the mime did their thang and it was the best performance that I’ve seen all year. Just a shout out to john Hann the sweetest Jesus around and the fantastic and ever spastic satan Scott.
I forgot to mention that these guys were over 20 and after the mime everyone on the opposing team rose their hand to accept Jesus. That’s already a victory but we needed to finish off the game anyhow. We started the second half and they had their bench team in and their stars out so we got some quality points. Hey it’s Dave talking now, and I just wanted to add to what petey said about the game last night. It was awesome to be able to play some tough competition after we had played our first two games against people that hadn’t seen a basketball before and were in the 5th grade. The other team had some really good players including a twenty six year old that has played his whole life on different teams for Hondurus. We started off really slow, but came together in an amazing way and were able to put a few big scoring runs on them and finish the game strong with a victory. Like Pete mentioned before, that wasn’t the best part of the night. There were a lot of the locals at the game and at halftime the mime team put on an amazing performance that led to every player and most of the townpeople to accepting Jesus as their savior. I forgot that we were playing basketball for those 15 minutes, as God did an amazing thing that not only changed the lives of those players and people, but inspired our team as well. This place is amazing, Pete and I are getting to know the family we are staying with and these last three days were some of the best days of my life. I really don’t want to leave this city, the people are incredible. Well I should get going now, the cement mixer is calling my name! Miss all you guys at home, I’d like to make a shout out to my family, happy father’s day from the guys and I’m sure everyone else, and J keep it real, peace.
Hey paps this is pete I’m havin a great time and keeping safe (Eric I went in huge caves and I’m about to use a machete to cut things.) and I would like to wish u a happy fathers DAY and I hope your present is a great surprise!!! Goodbye!! C u soooooon!!!

PS- Sean says *MUAH!! To Bethann back home!!
Peace outside PETE DAVE SEAN>

Hey Mom and Dad this is Ryan
This trip has been so amazing thus far. We are now in Siguatepeque Honduras. Yesterday the basketball team and the childrens team walked through neighborhoods to gather kids for the puppet show and the mime show. Their were about fifty children that came to the park and it looked like all of them raised their hands to accept Christ. Happy fathers day Dad. I want to say hi to Mom, Dad, Natalie, Emily, Matthew, Eric, Reanna Chris, Megan, Michelle, Chris R., Emma, Austin, and Ella. Please write back.
Love Ryan Flynn

It’s suki- thanks to all the parents that are reading and praying for us. Happy fathers day to all dad’s (especially those in 50548 and to the one with little Alyssa and caleb) love you all. These kids are doing absolutely fabulous- wonderful attitudes, great love for the kids and this community- we are so so proud of them. They are helping in so many ways. I can’t wait for you all to give them big hugs at the airport next week. Parents please leave comments if you can- we are forwarding your messages on to the kids and they are very encouraged by them. Peace out- til next time. suki

Friday, June 16, 2006

What a day!

This is the fifth time I´ve taken students to Central America. I´ve traveled to many cities with our students, but I don´t recall ever having a better day in ministry than we did today. Our students were too busy to type an update. They have been going since 8:00 this morning.

They will be updating the blog tomorrow with their own thoughts, so I´ll save a lot of the details. But, let me tell you about one very special thing. Our basketball, children´s and mime teams traveled together all day long. It was a unique fusion of teams that we have not tried in this way before. To say that the day was powerful would be an understatement. We began the day in a city park. We were all disappointed to see just a few kids gathered there. But, we prayed, and felt that if just one of these kids saw Christ working through us it would be worth it. We got a sound system set up and started playing Christian music. Soon, a crowd began to gather. Then, we sent some members of the children´s team and basketball team to go door-to-door with our interpreters and invite people to the presentation. Within 15 minutes we had over 100 people gathered at the park. By the time the mime had finished their presentation and William had spoken, at least 50 people accepted Christ as their savior!

From there we traveled to a rural school. We were immediately struck with the poverty of the community. Children greeted us in tattered clothes and I´d say about 20% of them had open sores on their body. It was so sad. Then we walked into their church/school and saw a dilapidated basketball court that doubled as their playground, gathering area for assemblies, etc. It had been dedicated to the school in 1978 and looked like it had not been taken care of for years. It would be impossible to play a basketball game at the school. If we did players would turn ankles, the ball would bounce out of control, etc. The aunt of one of our students had given me $100 to use for a need if we saw one arise. This school and community had a need. I told our students that I had $200 that we could put towards giving this school a new basketball court (Isn´t it great when buses don´t come that we had planned on paying for? God opened up at least another $100 that way!) and asked them if they would be willing to contribute so that we could gift the school the court. Our students responded, "Absolutely!¨ So, I was able to tell the pastor that we would like to give them a new basketball court. I had found out from the locals that we had with us that it would cost approximately $500 to do this. I gave the pastor $500 and our team, which has no games scheduled for tomorrow morning will be tearing up the old court with pickaxes and hard labor. The new court should be ready by the end of next week, all because of the generosity of our students, the Lord, a bus company that didn´t show up, and a generous aunt. The new court will be a source of pride for this impoverished area. We´re hoping that it will spur the school to fix other areas of needs. I couldn´t be more proud of our students. They wanted to name the court after Wooddale Church, but we encouraged them to name it after the local church that we are working with.

There are many other great stories that you can look forward to reading some time tomorrow. Thanks for all of your prayers for Derek. He was actually feeling better by the time we left Campur. We have a couple more students that are feeling nausceous, so keep them in yoru prayers. This is normal for this trip, and the students are in good spirits and good health.

Your comments are being passed on to your kids. They love knowing that you are reading.

God bless you all!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 14-15th - In Their Own Words

June 14-15, 2006

The mime team has been pretty busy. Yesterday we carried all of this sand and rock up a small but steep hill. We carried bucketful after bucket full. This sand went in the “floor” of the house. The house had yet to get the roof on it, and in Campur it rains almost every night. So we were just shoveling dirt to get rid of the mud. Then we went and performed at a school and over half of the people that were there raised their hand and said they accepted Christ. Today the guys from the mime team, Pete, and Amy went back to the house. While we were there we brought up the mix for the floor and the roof also went up. It is currently lunch time and the mime and basketball team is getting ready to head out for an hour and a half bus ride to another school and play and perform so we won’t be back for supper. Oh and by the way, [sarcasm] tomorrow we have a nice short ride to our next city [/sarcasm]. Only 12 hours without trouble at the border or bus problems.

[Update from later on Wednesday] Our mime was nearly perfect. When we were there at first only a few raised their hands when William asked them to raise their hands if they accepted Christ, but then when others saw people being brave they slowly raised their hands, and more, and more. It got to the point about half of the people at the game came to Christ. The basketball team ended up beating the locals, no surprise. But after that the leaders and I (so it would be five on five I played) beat the basketball team to ten. Then we played some soccer. But before we arrived we went to these caves. The caves have been noted to be some of the best of the world. They were amazing. The only teams to see this were the basketball and the mime team. But wow, it was breath-taking. I had emptied my camera of pictures at lunch that day, by three or four hours later I had over 330 pictures taken, mainly of these caves. It was an amazing display of God’s creation. [/update]

Hey dad, happy soon to be Father’s day
Greg Krech

First time blogging…great trip thus far. Team working together well. This is a great group of students to be working with. The mime team is doing well both on the stage and off of the stage. We’ve hauled sand for a floor in a home, worked on support beams for a roof of a house, entertained kids, hauled cement and pored part of a floor for a home, presented Forgiven by His Love twice to a total audience of about 500.

Keep praying.

Chris Erickson

Hello everyone, I cannot believe I am actually in Guatemala. In Campur the scenery is amazing and the people are so happy. The basketball team played their first game yesterday. I shared my testimony at halftime and the mime performed excellently. Many people accepted Christ. God is doing amazing things.

Praise the Lord!! Ryan Flynn

I slept so hard last night (finally figured out that earplugs are my friends…). We went to two more schools today and will do one more presentation tonight in the local church. All of the schools are so different and so amazing. Today’s groups were so responsive and laughter filled the rooms and echoed around in the amazing valleys of lush, green, tropical plants. Driving was very bumpy as we were traveling out to very remote places. The bus driver is so amazing; he can do just as much maneuvering in reverse as he can driving forward. We rode on a gravel road next to a huge drop off and amazingly I was only a little afraid, considering my huge fear of falling. I get the feeling that no matter what happens while we’re out here, something good will come of it. Praise be to God!
Also, one of the members of the Children’s team, Derek has been feeling really sick all day and we have a twelve hour bus ride tomorrow. So please be praying for him that God would work a miracle so he can get back to ministering with us once more.
~Hannah Hunt

Hola!! Today was amazing! The scenery on the way to our first school was so gorgeous, it was like a picture out of National Geographic! The pictures I took don’t do the landscape justice. The children are amazing and they love to see us smile and laugh with them. This one girl had the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen!!! At one point, Josh Patil and I were doing our puppet show and we decided to change it up a little so we fought and bit each other. The kids absolutely loved it!! It’s so amazing to see the smiles on their faces when they barely have anything! They are so grateful to have us take their picture or dance with them or give them a simple bracelet. They really made me realize how much I take for granted! I am so blessed for everything I have been given! God has been doing some really amazing things. The first school and first show we did I sat behind this girl that was whispering something in my ear. I figured out she was reading the verse we had displayed. She read it out loud twice so she would make sure to remember it. I loved hearing her say that because I realized that the children were learning about God like we had planned!! The most amazing thing is seeing the way God moves through these children and they all bring out my inner child every single day! I thank God for this opportunity and I know there is much more to come!
-Laura Molik

Hey its Suki (or Sarah Bancroft)
The last few days have been really great. Meeting up with the kids at the airport on Sunday was good. I was so happy to greet them with hugs as they came out the airport. Sunday was a short night and we were all excited to get on the road to ministry on Monday. Monday the ride to Campur was good. I was on the bus with the tire that went flat and everything went fast with changing the tire for it. When we pulled in to Campur the kids were around to greet us. It was so wonderful to see Pastor Isabella again and get a great big hug. Tuesday was great with the mime, service and basketball team working on houses in the am. In the pm I worked on a house and made cement. The students I worked with Chris F, Vinesha, Ryan K, Laura S, and Matt V were work horses. Making buckets after buckets of cement. They got dirty and had fun and loved it. Last night we had some worship by candlelight and kids shared what they have been enjoying about the trip. Today I took the mime girls and 6 of 9 bball boys to find kids to play with. It was awesome to see all the neighborhood kids enjoy playing with our kids and get past the language barrier. To date it sounds like all kids are very healthy- a few that are constipated but other than that pretty healthy. We take off tomorrow at 6am for Honduras and can’t wait to tell you how that goes soon.

Hola, its Ryan Kitchen
Russ, Terry, Laura, Patrick, Niri (has anyone mentioned he was an Olympic body builder?), Jaime and I just got back from installing a couple of lights in a new church that was just built back in December. We all piled into the back of Jaime’s truck, and he took us up past the school to the top of a Mountain. From there we followed the leader of the church and another man about half an hour into the jungle. The leader of the church has only been a Christian for a year, and was very thankful that we could install a few lights in their new church. The hope is that the electricity will bring more people to church since the area doesn’t have any other lights. While Terry and Russ wired the lights, Laura, Patrick and I climbed up a smaller mountain. The view was spectacular. Think of all the pictures, movies, documentaries that you’ve seen, and it’s five times cooler than that. Since we didn’t have time to hike back in time for lunch, the village supplied for us. They realized that we would probably get sick from their food, so they bought us all Coca Cola and crackers. We prayed with them, gathered for a picture, and left to hike back. It was a great morning, and totally unforgettable.

P.S. this is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated

P.P.S. if you ever have a bug problem, John Hann will take care of it.

Hola hola coca cola!!!! Well it’s our last day in Campur, and even though I’m sad to leave, it will be nice to not have to worry about bugs 24/7. Oh this is Vinesha by the way…sorry about that. Campur has been amazing, it always leaves me in awe at how content they are here and now they make so much out of nothing. I’m sure some of the service people have mentioned already what we have done, but I shall recap again. Well, actually I wont because we have to leave now to finish another house, so I’ll have to finish later, bye everyone (and Ty, thanks for leaving a msg!) ok I’ll talk to you all later adios mis amigos!

Hey everyone, it’s Matt Volenec
Just wanted to say hello to my family and everyone else supporting me on this trip. Thanks for all your support and prayers.
Yesterday was our first work day in Campur. It finally hit me, I’m in Guatemala – we’re doing this. Anyway, I took some time to reflect on what got me here. A few years ago, if you had told me I was going to spend two weeks in Central America (and away from my iPod, cell phone, laptop) I would have thought you were nuts. I think I first realized how much I could do without at AWOL in eighth grade. The following summers I spent in Colorado and Washington DC just reinforced my observations – that God provides for us in every situation no matter where we are on the globe, or how many things we have with us. In fact, sometimes the less we have to get in the way, the more we can focus on his provision.
Today the service team finished both houses we were working on. We poured cement floors and put up the roofs on both buildings. I’m not sure if either house is any bigger than my bedroom. I think the question in everyone’s heads is, “are we really making a difference?” After having the chance to work on both houses and speak to the families a bit in Spanish I can answer that question with a resounding “yes”. The families are so grateful for everything we’ve done. The people I worked with today were smiling and laughing all day long. I’m glad we could help them out. I know they have been a blessing to me.
Hasta luego,

To everyone back home and cheering us on!! So I guess it’s Wednesday—loco! (crazy) the time has gone by so fast! God has been so faithful and so present on this trip… it’s hard to explain what He’s doing. I’ve been working in the Medical Clinic in Campur, Guatemala these past two days. Yesterday I was working in the pharmacy filling prescriptions- astounding how our over-the-counter drugs are treated as disease- killers here!
Today I worked in the prayer and education room and the intake station (where we diagnose the problems for the doctors to treat) The prayer/education room was such an eye opening experience for me… picture this: 4 to 5 people in one room sitting on benches- 2 or 3 speaking English, one either speaking Spanish or quiche, and the other speaking either Spanish or quiche, all speaking at one time to the same God. BREATHTAKING! However, no matter the language barriers, the one word we all knew was Amen. It was so amazing to realize how many people can pray to the same God coming from so many different circumstances, cultures, and languages. It really puts you in your place.
One of my biggest challenges and fears today was the intake station, because I really struggle with Spanish (since I never had the chance to take it in school) not to mention quiche. I also hadn’t practiced taking blood pressure or pulse in a long time, so I was really nervous. But Michelle (translator) and Andrew Loo helped me through and I just kept practicing my duties. It amazed me to see how God took my nervousness and put it into confidence.
And I know you’re all wondering (Mom this is for you!) I drank 4 nalgenes today and 4 yesterday—talk about water intake!! Wahoo! I’m doing great and am trying my best to soak up every second of this. Please continue to pray for us and especially pray that our medical team won’t get sick and that we don’t run out of medicine.

Love and Thanks to all!
Adios Amigos
Kelsey Bohleen

Oh ps. I met a girl named Ana ee (that’s how you say it I’m not sure how you spell it) and pretty sure I’m taking her home with me!

Hola Nuestros Amigos y Familias!!

This is Mackenzie, Claire, and Alli. Today was our second full ministry day. We’re all serving together on the Childrens’ Team, traveling around the region to perform skits, songs, and puppet shows at schools. Yesterday we performed four shows and today we did three. Conveniently, one of today’s shows was at the church that is hosting us in Campur. Our performances were a little rusty yesterday, but today went much more smoothly. It’s so fun to see the smiles on the kids’ faces, particularly in the schools that speak the Mayan language where the language barrier is such a hassle. Whenever we drive up to a school, the kids wave and run to welcome us. (One boy gave us a bizarre farewell by throwing a dead bird at the bus…) We have paired up with a clown team…they’re HILARIOUS!! They’ve taught us really fun songs that we’ll make sure to sing for you when we get back. The kids are constantly asking for “regalos,” “dulces,” y “borbujas” (presents, candy, and bubbles). Digital cameras, personal fans, and hand sanitizer are dangerous to bring near the children because they will mob you in an attempt to use them. We’ve been able to spend time at two schools making balloon animals and passing out bracelets with beads that represent various aspects of the salvation story. Our translators, Bethany, Isabel, and Juli, have been wonderful in helping us communicate the gospel with the kids. The weather has been decent and actually gets pretty cool once in a while, especially since many of the schools that we go to are up in the mountains. Cockroaches and um…INTERESTING bathroom conditions are bothersome, but the joy that we see on the kids’ faces everyday totally makes up for it. Thank you for your continued prayers; we know they’re making a difference!! Please continue to pray for our five ministry teams, safe travels, good health, and for other missionaries in the country who are working on relief efforts for victims of recent mudslides. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those to whom we will be presenting the gospel.

Love you all!

Claire Christenson, Mackenzie Scott, and Alli Crocker

P.S. Mom I’ve been really good at being sanitary!! Stop worrying about me!

Hello to all you dying blog readers…

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for another update.

This time, the tour de force consists of Matt Decker, Andy Frost, AND Pete Swanson. TIIIIGGHHHT!!!

We all learned a lot here in Campur, but today, we had the opportunity to teach the Guatemalan children some of our typical American/Kazakstani customs. They have fallen in love with the action of doing the “a okay” hand gesture, along with squealing the word “NIIIIIIICCEEE!!!”. –Pete- Andzhen we hit up some fatty house and totally shoveled some ish and made some killer cement for the flappin floor in die hause. ACK YA -Andy- Today on childrens team we made some killer balloon animals… and other random objects. We make hats, swords, and a 1947 German tank (using 4 balloons of course). The long bus rides have been interesting with all the bumps in the road and such. We all have our fair share of bruises on our heads, not as many as Christel rock though… DANG! -Matt- My basketball jersey is now 85% sweat and 15% cotton jersey fabric. Today, in our basketball game was another smooth victory over many an 8th grader. Everyone on the basketball team has scored, and today our lead scorer was Ryan Flynn, with eleventy billion points. We also demolished the staff in a good ol’ game of Guatemalan “Futbol”. –pedro again- matthew Dexter with an amazing two GGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLSSS!!! After which he signed many a autographs and gave his digits to the lady friends and screamed “NACHO LIBRE” and ran around the coliseum with his shirt over his head. The bestest thang eva was the kids in campur. They are the cutest little buggers on the planet. Speaking for the team I’m gonna be uber excited to eat some “American burgers mit dem sweeeeet cheese action. If I’m lucky I’ll get meself some bacon. Mmmhmm. Not a whole lot sick yet except Derek shcell so please pray for him and our huge journey 2morow involving driving different routes other than the roads that got mudslideded.

PEACE OUT MINNESIZEMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. that’s my initials
p.s.s. What ship never sinks?
Hahahhahahahahaha guten nacht herr fraulines

Hello to all this may concern.

What’s up everyone? This is Chris Franz in the blog house bringing you something of the most awesome. The last few days have been not what I really expected in Campur. I was thinking this place would be huts and we’d be sleeping under palm leaf shack things. Actually, this place has been much more like camp or something of the sort, but we can’t drink the water (big shock). Anywho, today has been quite a good experience for me. I’m on the service team and today our teams, along with some of the basketball guys and mime folk, finished building two houses. What really hit me was that Matt and I went back in the afternoon by ourselves and helped finish one of the houses. While we were inside the nearly finished house, the soon to be owner’s words were what hit me. While inside, she, through Matt’s interpretation, said that the house looked beautiful inside. This house is consisted of cinder blocks, cement, sand, metal roof, and nails and such. It wasn’t a place that most anyone I know would want to live in. She was really thankful for this place and will live there with her four kids. It made me think about how much I have and how good I have it. I am really thankful for what God has given me and this opportunity has been really good. Oh yeah, I also got to hang out with some of the local little kids around here and they are hilarious. I got to play with some of them and got to spin them around and stuff. It was awesome.

Well see you later.

Chris Franz

Dear Kathy,

We’re having fun at camp. Things are going well. I hope you’re doing well managing my softball team! I don’t want to jinx this, but I haven’t gotten sick yet. We’re on the road to Honduras, and it’s hot and dry. Miss you. See you soon!


I love you, Mom!


As you can see, God is really working on this trip! We left Campur early this morning. The kids had to be completely packed and at breakfast by 5:30 a.m. Would you believe that they all did it with no complaining?! This is a pretty special group of students. We pulled out of Campur this morning at 6:00 and now it’s 2:45 p.m. We just crossed the Honduras border and are heading to a very late lunch. The students are excited because we’re having hamburgers at the hotel that we’ll be staying at on Sunday for our R and R time. Then we’ll take off and head off to Siguatepeque where the students will experience home stays for the first time this trip. Some of the kids are nervous about this, but most are excited.

As we prepared to leave Campur last night Pastor Isabelle presented each students with a special bag of spice that was hand made by the ladies of the church. The people from Campur use this spice at every meal. Isabelle explained that some of the families are so poor that this spice, mixed with water, and a few tortillas are all that they eat each day. Campur showed our students how much they truly have to be grateful for. It showed them what real joy looks like in the midst of incredible poverty. It showed them what God could accomplish through a heart that is willing to serve Him. And, it showed them so much more.

Thank you for your continued prayers. The couple of students who were sick yesterday are feeling better today. I have been letting the students know when parents, friends, and extended family have responded. We really do read your comments and it’s an encouragement to us. Thanks!

In Christ’s Love,

Brian Schulenburg